Virgo Season Horoscope: A Guide to Precision and Playfulness

Ah, Virgo season – that time of the year when the world takes on a slightly crisper edge as if someone turned up the focus knob on the universal camera lens. As the Sun dances through Virgo’s meticulous yet surprisingly whimsical sign (August 23 – September 22), we’re invited to step into the realm of precision, orderliness, efficiency, and discernment. It’s like the Universe decided it’s time to put on its glasses and start rearranging the cosmic sock drawer.

But wait, there’s more to this celestial tale. Just as we’re getting ready to dive into Virgo’s world of strategic to-do lists and carefully organized sock pairs, Mercury – Virgo’s ruling planet – raises an eyebrow and decides to enter its retrograde dance on August 23. Ah, Mercury retrograde is back for an encore performance. And it’s doing it in Virgo, no less. Brace yourselves, my friends, for the plot thickens.

When Mercury starts moonwalking across the sky in reverse, it’s like the Universe is handing us a magnifying glass and saying, “Hey, did you notice this tiny detail here?” Now, in Virgo’s meticulous realm, this can feel like a double-edged sword. On one hand, you might find yourself stumbling over overlooked intricacies, causing you to rethink your grand plans. On the other hand, it’s a golden opportunity to embrace the archetypal energy of Virgo – to fine-tune, recalibrate, and bring a touch of perfectionism to even the most mundane tasks.

But Virgo’s story doesn’t end there. As we navigate the twists and turns of Mercury retrograde, another cosmic player enters the retrograde stage: Uranus in Taurus. Now, Uranus is like that rebellious friend who always keeps you guessing. As it retrogrades in Taurus, the sign of stability and earthly pleasures, prepare for a rollercoaster of surprises in areas like finance, values, and the environment.

Here’s the cosmic wink: Virgo’s energy isn’t just about color-coding your bookshelf or alphabetizing your spice rack. It’s also about sacred service and health. Think of it as a cosmic reminder to take care of the intricate machinery that is your body and soul. But Virgo’s trick is that it often strays into the territory of the hypochondriacal or the hyper-critical. Unchecked, it can turn even the most balanced person into a nitpicking neurotic.

The essence of Virgo is seeing the potential for improvement. It’s like having an inner life coach constantly pushing you to be your best self. And once you’ve seen what’s possible, it’s pretty hard to settle for mediocrity. It’s like going from watching a movie in standard definition to suddenly seeing it in IMAX – you can’t unsee the vibrant details.

But fret not, for the cosmic dance of planets has a sense of humor. Just as Mercury plays its retrograde trickster game, it receives a little wink from Jupiter around September 4. This cosmic high-five doesn’t just boost our faith and helps us make sense of all the revelations that emerged during the Pisces Supermoon – a moon so super that it’s practically flexing its lunar biceps.

So, as we step into the harvest season of Virgo, don’t be surprised if you find yourself color-coding your closet, analyzing your life choices, or suddenly inspired to concoct the world’s most intricate cup of tea. Embrace the quirks, dance with the retrogrades, and remember, even in the cosmic chaos, there’s a method to the madness – and that method is precision wrapped in playfulness.

Here’s your Virgo Season horoscopes for each zodiac sign:


Aries Rising + Sun

It’s time to clean the house and review how you’ve been functioning within your work routines. As a fire sign, you burn up the course with new visionary ideas, but now, it’s time to review where all your go-go has burned you out without sustainable systems set in place. This Virgo season with Mercury retrograding in Virgo will give you this space and opportunity if you slow down and let it.

Uranus retrograde bonus: Until Jan. 2024, it’s a great time to take intentional baby steps towards aligning your finances and self-worth. Remember, you are not your bank account. Let go of spending habits to keep up with Jones to make yourself feel worthy. Once you evaluate your view of self-worth, money flows easier because you know you’re worthy of it, and it doesn’t define you.


Taurus Rising + Sun

It’s time to review how you are creating. Is it from a pure state of ease, joy, and service, or are you starting to collect a check? If it’s the latter, this Virgo Season and Mercury retrograde will allow you to review why you wanted this job or to be creative in the first place. If the energies surrounding you are overly critical, it might be the Universe’s way of giving you a wake-up call to review if this is a fit anymore. Even as stubborn as you are, you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

Uranus retrograde bonus: Now until Jan. 2024 it’s a great time to take steps towards more self-care and revolutionize how you show up in the world. There may be a creative or tech-related project that brings people together. Now is the time to build a solid foundation to launch come the new year. Get a business plan together and be on the lookout for groups that may want to partner with you in a big way that comes out of the blue!


Gemini Rising + Sun

This Virgo season will bring a reconnection to home and a feeling at home within yourself. How you communicate to yourself, and your family could also be up for review. Mercury going retrograde will also give you space to review. If there are places that don’t feel comfortable in your emotional core of fulfillment, now is a time to review. It’s also a good time to spin the block on home repairs and make the home base more comfort-friendly, outsourcing some of your duties to make your home feel more like home.

Uranus retrograde bonus: Now until Jan. 2024 is a great time to review taking steps towards more spiritual alignment and well-being, review your belief systems, and how taking a more grounded, consistent approach in your daily spiritual practice will help you feel more centered to follow your soul’s calling.


Cancer Rising + Sun

This Virgo season will bring clarity, especially with how you communicate with friends and siblings. This Mercury retrograde will allow you to review how to have more healthy, less critical conversations with yourself and make amends with someone or a group so you can show up in your neighborhood more comfortably. Also, there is space here to review how you can be of service better within your community or review a community project that brings people of your peer group together.

Uranus retrograde bonus: Until Jan. 2024, you will find yourself reflecting through moments of out-of-blue situations and revelations about your social groups and how you connect with your friends. You may find yourself, after internal reflection, realizing your current social circles may no longer align with where you are growing. Remember TLC’s song, “What about your friends?” During this time, you will find out who is truly with you for you or what you can do.


Leo Rising + Sun

Virgo season can bring about more income by reviewing your spending habits. This is an excellent time to spend money on things that can better your health and be of service by being generous to others. Your over-the-top sign always loves to go big, but with Mercury in Retrograde, scale back on big purchases and invest in things that will better your higher self when it comes to spending this month. Sign up for that yoga class or buy a book on mindfulness. I recommend “Don’t Believe Everything You Think by Joseph Nguyen” for a universal feeling of alignment and value; gift a book to your bestie, and start a group chat to encourage each other.

Uranus retrograde bonus: Now until Jan. 2024 is an excellent time to take small but intentional steps daily towards how you show up in your career. Are you hiding your light because you need to be more worthy of where you have arrived in your public-facing career? It’s time to let go of your imposter syndrome, you deserve the seat at the table you have, and take steps to make yourself feel more in alignment by going back to the basics of why you are doing what you’re doing and how you can solidify yourself more of an expert in your field, through practical actions. Maybe go back to school? Take some business classes or a refresher course.



Virgo Rising + Sun

Happy Birthday, Virgo! It’s your season and time to shine; although your sign can be quite private, it’s a great time to come out into the light and celebrate your unique gifts to the world. The energy of the season will feel like home for you; however, with your planetary ruler Mercury retrograding your sign, you may be fighting harder to keep up with your normal flow of quality assurance and problem-solving. The solution? Turn into the curve and slow down. It’s an excellent time to give your overanalyzing brain a mental break and some much-needed self-care; doing so will ease the self-criticism monster from rearing its ugly head on you and everyone around you.

Uranus Retrograde Bonus: Until Jan. 2024, it’s time to take baby steps toward your internal sense of freedom and exploration. This may come about through travel and self-study, giving you a sense of wandering all from the seat of your couch. It’s time to get in touch with how to level up your knowledge base. Reviewing an MBA program may also be the thing that gives you the edge in your career life.


Libra Rising + Sun

It’s time to take time out — your spirit is calling you during Virgo season. It’s a great time to put into practical application activities and projects that feel good within your soul. You may feel like being aloof and creative, giving way to whatever way the wind blows (and trees blow as well) — give into this energy. While Mercury is retrograding, you could review some of your past creative projects that were only stuck in fantasy land and find a path forward to make those dreams a reality.

Uranus Retrograde Bonus: Now until Jan. 2024, it will be time for you to review how you process emotions and intimacy internally. It’s a time to ask what you want about emotional closeness and fulfillment and where you are self-sabotaging and sticking your head in the sand to avoid joint responsibility. If you don’t address these areas, the Universal energy of Uranus’ upheaval will finally force your hand to decide on these areas.


Scorpio Rising + Sun

It’s a great time to shine bright like a diamond in your social groups and social activism. This is a great time to find where you can dive deeper into being in service to a higher cause or raising the energetic currency in the social collective. Opportunities to join a powerful networking group and new friend circle could push you into a new work area with a bigger platform to serve the world. However, don’t become a know-it and try to force where you feel you should fit in while Mercury is retrograding this house. It’s a great time to scout out your next peer group, but only hit send on applications after Mercury goes direct on September 15. Today’s Full Moon In Pisces completes a creative cycle — something you have been secretly dreaming about earlier in the year will come full circle around the new moon in Virgo on September 14.


Uranus Retrograde Bonus: Until Jan. 2024, it’s time to review your feeling of value with certain relationships and business partnerships. An internal review could lead you to let go of those partnerships that are no longer serving who you are. It’s a great time to realize if a business partnership has reached its end, to develop a gentle exit plan so bridges won’t be burned in the process.


Sagittarius Rising + Sun

It’s time to clean the house and focus on your career during this Virgo season. It’s a great time to review the processes that are working and NOT working in your career. Where are you offering services or doing things that no longer bring you joy? Just because it was working doesn’t mean it’s right. It is time to REVIEW and RELEASE what is no longer serving your higher calling just because you said you would do it. You may also feel a lot of start-stop energy with work while Mercury is retrograding all up in your career energy. Take your time, and then take your time some more. You could have the urge to do it all and revamp it all, but right now, do what you know: perfection is elusive, and review your game plan; it may be time to let some things go to open up a new avenue of a career that you least expected.

Uranus retrograde bonus: Now until Jan. 2024, it’s a great time to take steps towards reviewing your lifestyle when it comes to your health. You may now finally feel the energy to take permanent steps in solidifying a healthier routine regarding your well-being and fitness. Hire a trainer, hit the gym with a fitness app, and pop into a weekly sound bath or yoga session. Try new ways to make your body your top priority. If you’ve been avoiding physicals or doctor check-ups, now is the time to tap in.


Capricorn Rising + Sun

You may need to depart, travel, and explore this Virgo season. The urge to get away could be heavy on you right now. You want to experience life more fully and deeply during this Virgo season. You also need to show up as the expert you are in a service-oriented way. However, travel plans and how you reach your target audience could be slightlyuring this Mercury retrograde. Rather than keep pushing forward, go with the flow, and if that flight gets canceled, chalk up that flight credit for a future trip that may be more aligned, and you have yet to learn it.

Uranus retrograde bonus: Now until Jan. 2024 is a great time to find the creator within you. As one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, you can focus so much on being the authority that you forget you are your most beautiful when you play and create, and then you are seen as the expert on your creation. Sometimes, your creativity could be blocked because you are blocking your sexuality. Trust me — a little hedonism is good for the soul.



Aquarius Rising + Sun

Virgo Season Brings a lot of emotional clean-ups, and it’s good for your somewhat emotionally detached sign. You can overanalyze your feelings to the point of avoidance. Still, this season is calling attention to all the detrimental ways not acknowledging your emotional needs can keep you stuck in a toxic cycle. Don’t be the ex that spins the block on their ex just because you need a place to sex the feelings off you during Mercury retrograde. This season allows you to take ownership of your emotional narrative – take the hint.

Uranus bonus: Now until Jan. 2024, it’s a great time to take steps to fix up your home, with minor home improvements here and there. It’s also an excellent time to start paying off a home loan or add more to your rainy day fund instead of emotional spending. Put the extra you have on your equity; you may need it for unexpected expenses or repairs.


Pisces Rising + Sun

Virgo Season enters your partnership energy; it’s time to clear the air and take practical action toward repairing (or letting go) relationships (or situation ships) that are no longer working for you. If you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage, now is the time to go to couples therapy; just be sure you don’t try to mediate the situation on your own while Mercury is retrograding through your relationship energies. If you want to sever a business partnership, take time to review the pros and cons, and then if it needs to end, do it after Mercury goes direct on September 15; until that time, you may not be seeing the complete picture of a situation that’s causing a riff.

Uranus retrograde bonus: Now, until Jan. 2024, your communication will begin to develop in a more intentional and heartfelt way. If you’ve considered authoring a book or becoming a poet or writer, now is an excellent time to review internally how to bring more of your unique, heartfelt, authentic self to the world. Opportunities to show and shine in a more service-oriented way in your neighborhood could also be up for you.


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