Afro Nation Detroit: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

Get ready to dance and celebrate at Afro Nation, the ultimate Afro beats-driven music festival that’s set to take the city by storm from Saturday, August 19th to Sunday, August 20th. This highly anticipated event promises a weekend of infectious rhythms, cultural exploration, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a festival newbie or a seasoned pro, here are five essential things you need to know before you dive into the Afro Nation experience.


Location and Parking: Finding Your Groove

Afro Nation Detroit 2023 is all set to unfold at Bedrock’s Douglass Site, a historic area that was once the Brewster-Douglass public housing. Conveniently situated off the Chrysler service drive, between Beaubien and Winder, this open space offers the perfect backdrop for two days of musical euphoria. With expected temperatures in the 80s, attendees can revel in the great outdoors, dancing the night away under the stars.

When it comes to parking, fear not! There are plenty of options to choose from, each offering varying walking distances to the festival grounds. Consider options like the Tigers parking garage at John R and East Fisher Freeway, or the McLaren Garage located at Witherell and East Fisher Freeway (both of which are credit card only). If you’re a fan of the metered life, street parking is available at around $1 per hour, payable through the Detroit Parking app. Pro tip: the early bird gets the spot, so get downtown before the festival begins and snag that prime parking real estate!

Or rally your crew, split the Uber fare, and leave the worry of parking out of the equation!


Dress to Impress, Comfortably

In the world of festivals, your outfit isn’t just an ensemble; it’s a statement. While looking fly is essential, comfort should always be a top priority. Opt for lightweight, breathable attire that enables you to move and groove freely. Remember, you’ll be on your feet for hours, so don’t compromise on comfy shoes. Shield yourself from the sun with a hat, shades, and sunscreen. And just in case the weather decides to switch things up, bring a light jacket or sweater.

While rain isn’t predicted, Michigan’s unpredictability calls for a rain poncho or umbrella. After all, being prepared never goes out of style. Other items that can enhance your experience include blankets, a personal misting fan, water bottles to stay hydrated, and a small bag or fanny pack to carry your essentials.


Curate the Perfect Playlist

Afro Nation is your ticket to soaking in the infectious energy of Afro Beats! Get your hips ready to sway and your spirits soaring high. The festival’s lineup boasts a mix of contemporary hip-hop artists like Latto and Coi Leray, soulful sounds from the likes of Ari Lennox and Masego, and of course, Afro giants such as Davido and Burna Boy. Craft a playlist that fuels your fun, gets you dancing, and has you belting out lyrics at the top of your lungs.

Here’s a playlist that Afro Nation Detroit put together to start your Afrobeats vibe!


Immerse Yourself in Culture

Beyond the music, Afro Nation is a holistic cultural experience. Step into a vibrant marketplace brimming with vendors offering a kaleidoscope of goods, from fashion and art to delectable cuisine inspired by Africa and the Caribbean. Prepare to dive into workshops, panels, and talks that delve into the histories and influences that shape the celebrated music and cultures. It’s more than a festival—it’s a journey of discovery.


Pace Yourself for the Long Haul

Remember, a music festival is more of a marathon than a sprint. While the excitement can be electrifying, pacing yourself is key to avoiding burnout. Give yourself permission to take breaks, find shady spots to rest, and heed your body’s signals. Afro Nation spans multiple days, so conserving your energy and embracing a sustainable pace ensures you savor every memorable moment.

So, whether you’re a music aficionado, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking for a weekend of non-stop fun, Afro Nation promises to be an extravaganza that transcends genres and borders. From parking to playlist preparation, fashion to cultural immersion, remember these five essential tips for a truly unforgettable Afro Nation experience!

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