Comedian Sheryl Underwood Weighs in on Jamie Foxx’s Recovery

Award-winning actor, singer, and overall funnyman Jamie Foxx seems to be on the mend from a recent illness. The 55-year-old Foxx, whose birthname is Eric Bishop, posted a video online this weekend thanking his supporters and providing an update on his heavily rumored health conditions.

“I want to say thank you for all the love that I got,” said Jamie Foxx.

Foxx broke his silence after a reported health scare a few months ago. The multihyphenate entertainer took to his phone and posted a video to his social media thanking his fans for their prayers and support, and to God and his family for saving his life.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone that prayed and sent me messages. …I went to hell and back,” he says.

Michigan Chronicle caught up with comedian Sheryl Underwood, co-host of ‘The Talk’ on CBS, during Black Tech Week in Cincinnati. She briefly weighed in on Foxx’s video update, their friendship, and his recovery from his reported illness.

“My good friend Jamie Foxx, we get to see this brother now, out in Chicago, out on the lake,” Underwood said, referencing online video surfacing showing Foxx out in public over recent weeks.

“Prayer works, we all got on our knees and asked the Lord to his heal us, because we’re all middle-aged comics now,” Underwood said, recounting the Jamie and their relationship along with others in the Black comedy scene growing up together.

“We may look young, but we’re all middle-aged now. We know each other from back in the day when we were struggling to pay our bills, praying for each others health in traveling, and so on..”

In his online video, Foxx didn’t say exactly what caused his health emergency, but he stated he wanted to be remembered for his jokes and is looking to get back to work. The Terrell, TX native even joked about the rumored “Jamie Foxx clone,” saying that recent public sightings of him were actually him, before laughing at the notion and acting as though he was going to remove a mask.

See Jamie Foxx’s full video below.

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