MoodRXtreats: A Retreat for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Holly Teegarden is a cannabis advocate and entrepreneur who created MoodRXtreats, a company that hosts cannabis-friendly retreats for women in their 30s and 40s. Teegarden’s goal is to create a space where women can relax, recharge, and connect with each other in a supportive and judgment-free environment.


“I noticed that women in the 30+ age group are unrepresented in cannabis merch, products, and communities,” Teegarden said. “I wanted to create a retreat business that combines all my favorite things: travel, good food, beautiful accommodations, cannabis, woo-woo stuff, and hanging out with broads like myself.”


The MoodRXtreats retreats are all-inclusive, with accommodations, food, activities, and cannabis all provided. Teegarden works with Chef Jaci Miller to create delicious and healthy menus using fresh, local ingredients. The activities offered at the retreats vary, but they often include yoga, meditation, sound baths, and cannabis-infused workshops guided by the retreat’s Chief Wellness Expert, Miss AJ Williams.


“We have a tagline for the retreats, escape, relax, and recharge,” Teegarden said. “You can expect that when you come to one of our retreats. Prepare to be pampered with excellent food, a beautiful home, fun woo-woo activities, and a chill environment to meet like-minded women.”

MoodRXtreat Founder, Holly Teegarden

One thing that sets MoodRXtreats apart from other cannabis-friendly retreats is the intentionality with which Teegarden creates the experience. She carefully considers the food, activities, and music offered to create a specific mood or feeling for each retreat.


“When you think about the name of our business, it has MOOD+ RX (Cannabis)+ RETREATS in it,” Teegarden said. “Our guests don’t even realize it, but we’re setting the stage for whatever mood we want them to achieve.”


For example, on the first night of a retreat, Teegarden might serve comfort food, play music from guests’ childhoods, and offer mocktails infused with relaxing and mood-boosting terpenes. This is done to help guests feel comfortable and at ease and set the tone for the rest of the retreat.


In addition to the retreats, MoodRXtreats also has an apparel line called Cannamood Apparel. The line features t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items with cannabis-inspired designs. Teegarden plans to expand the line and get it into dispensaries and other cannabis-friendly businesses.

Chef Jaci Miller and Chief Wellness Expert Miss AJ Williams

She is also working on launching a podcast and blog about cannabis and wellness. And she is currently developing a virtual community for MoodRXtreats attendees. The virtual community will offer members access to exclusive content, discounts on products and services, and the opportunity to connect with other women who share their interests.


Looking ahead, Holly is focused on refining the retreat experience. She plans to incorporate make-and-take options, enhance educational components, and introduce essential oils to enhance the terpene experience further.


Future retreats are also on the horizon, with plans to explore locations such as the Berkshires, Deep Creek, MD, Finger Lakes, and Saugatuck in Michigan. Additionally, Holly aims to expand the reach of her apparel line, Cannamood Apparel, by partnering with dispensaries and other cannabis locations.


“I have a five-year plan with other projects, but this is the following 6-12 month outlook,” Teegarden said. “I’m excited to see where MoodRXtreats goes in the future.”


If you want a unique and intentional cannabis-friendly retreat experience, MoodRXtreats is a great option. With its focus on relaxation, healing, and connection, MoodRXtreats is the perfect place to escape the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with yourself and a like-minded community.



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