The Book Tower: Detroit’s Exquisite Repurposed Gem Opens its Doors

On Thursday, June 8th, a distinguished crowd gathered on Washington Boulevard to witness the long-awaited official reveal of the renovated Book Tower. The atmosphere was electric as Bedrock, the driving force behind the project, proudly orchestrated the ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the building’s triumphant reopening.

After seven years of meticulous renovations and an investment of nearly $400 million, the historical Book Tower in downtown Detroit has emerged as a symbol of luxury and rebirth. With 28 stories of landmark living, 117 exquisitely designed hotel suites, a stunning 13th-floor event space, delectable dining options, a serene private study, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and an exclusive private terrace club, the Book Tower now offers a truly unparalleled experience.

Bringing a tranquil dose of nostalgia, esteemed broadcaster Huel Perkins took the helm as the host, leading the remarkable gathering at the Book Tower. The event featured insightful commentary and inspiring words from influential figures such as Bedrock founder Dan Gilbert, Mayor Mike Duggen, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Randall Book or the Book family, and Bedrock CEO Kofi Bonner.

“Projects like the Book Tower are underway all across this great city and our great state,” said Whitmer. “Together we are going to continue working to make sure communities and in every region of our state are more attractive place to live, work, build a business and raise a family.”

In 2018, the Book Tower project stood as one of four Bedrock properties that successfully secured a transformative brownfield package from the state, with an impressive value of $618 million.

The grand reopening of the Book Tower signifies more than just a restoration; it is a testament to Detroit’s resurgence and its unwavering spirit. The meticulous renovations and substantial investment in this iconic building have revitalized the downtown area, attracting businesses, residents, and visitors. The Book Tower stands tall as a beacon of transformation, symbolizing the city’s commitment to preserving its rich history while embracing a thriving future.

During the ceremony, Dan Gilbert, the visionary behind numerous revitalization projects in Detroit, received well-deserved accolades for his innovative thinking and deep affection for the city. Despite the praise, Gilbert humbly acknowledged that this project was the result of collective effort, recognizing the numerous individuals involved in making it a reality.

“This project is proof that something great can happen when you bring numerous passionate people together around a tremendous project. People came from everywhere. We recruited people from everywhere, not just Detroit here. There are a ton of people in Detroit, but there are people in New Jersey, New York and everywhere around the country that helped, did something, played some role here to put this beautiful building back together.”

The inclusion of the Book Tower as one of the 11 Most Beautiful Repurposed buildings in the world by Architectural Digest is a testament to the project’s global impact. This recognition demonstrates that the transformation of the Book Tower has not only made a resounding statement at the city and state levels but has garnered worldwide acclaim.

In 2015, Bedrock acquired the building originally designed by Louis Kamper and constructed in 1916 as an office tower. The restoration endeavor encompasses both the historic 38-story Book Tower and the adjacent 13-story Book Building. These remarkable spaces had remained vacant since 2009, until their transformation breathed new life into them.

The Residences at Book Tower provide an exceptional opportunity for a broader range of demographics to enjoy the magnificent backdrop of the Book Tower. With select unit rental rates set at or below the 80% gross rental rate determined by bedroom size, these affordable apartments offer a blend of beauty and luxury. This ensures that a wider spectrum of individuals can relish in the splendor of the Book Tower and its surroundings.

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