Hannan Center Opens “70 Over Seventy” Nominations

The Hannan Center announced yesterday that it is now accepting nominations for its 70 Over Seventy The Next Chapter Awards. The annual program, which celebrates Older Americans Month in May, celebrates the human potential that continues and, in many cases, increases with age. 

“Older people aren’t just remembering great life experiences, they’re making them too, every day. The 70 Over Seventy awards are our opportunity to celebrate their accomplished lifetimes thus far,” said Vincent Tilford, president and CEO of Hannan Center. “Every year, we look forward to recognizing these incredible Michigan citizens in a variety of impressive categories.” 

Seventy Over Seventy awardees reflect the diverse interests, accomplishments and lifestyles of older people across the state. These exceptional older adults prove impact is ageless through their determination to make a difference. 

Dr. Carolyn Campbell was awarded the 70 Over Seventy Lifelong Learning award in 2019. A Professor of African American Studies in the Freshman Seminar department at Wayne State University, Dr. Campbell has dedicated her life to imparting her wisdom onto Detroit’s next generation of lifelong learners. 

“I think by the time you get to your seventies, you’ve had these experiences that let you embrace your passions,” said Dr. Campbell. “And that’s what this award does. It inspires the young ones and lets them know they actually are making contributions, although at the time they may not feel like it. And at the same time, it’s honoring and respecting the work that we seniors have done.”  

Past awardees have included Rosemary Summers, an artist and jeweler who designed for Gladys Knight, Diana Lewis and Eartha Kitt; Dr. Edward Domino, a pioneering neuropharmacologist who coined the term “dissociative anesthesia;” Teola Hunter, the Michigan Legislature’s first woman to serve as House speaker pro tem; LGBTQ advocate Phillip O’Jibway; and John Hooper, a priest for the Archdiocese of Detroit and active member of the Episcopal Network of Economic Justice. 

The seven categories of nominations are: 

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: These individuals have made outstanding and significant contributions to their communities in their lifetime and exemplify success in a way that others aspire to experience.  

ART: The awardees in this category participate in the creation, teaching and/or development of art.  

CHANGEMAKER: These awardees have created innovative solutions to known challenges within their communities.  

CIVIC/COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP: This category’s awardees have fostered a spirit of service in others by maintaining meaningful involvement in civic service.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Awardees in this category will have entrepreneurial spirit and initiative.  

LIFELONG LEARNING: This category’s awardees demonstrate a lively curiosity and willingness to study new subjects or have a serious involvement with a specific subject matter.  

UNSUNG HERO: These awardees have consistently contributed their talents, skills and support to family, friends and neighbors with little recognition.  

All nominations will be reviewed by a judging panel made up of Hannan Center trustees, past honorees and community members. There will be 10 awardees per category.  Awardees will be recognized on Sunday, October 7 at 11:30 a.m., during a program and brunch at the Fellowship Chapel Banquet & Conference Center in Detroit. All awardees will also be featured in a commemorative program book and on the 70 Over Seventy Awards website. 

Any individual is free to nominate someone who is 70 years or older from now until July 14. For more information or to submit a nominee, visit 70overseventy.com.  

The mission of Hannan Center, is to preserve the dignity and enhance the quality of life of seniors.  In 1925, Luella Hannan founded the Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation to serve older adults in Detroit. 


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