That’s So Randi: Media Entrepreneur Self-Distributes TV Show, Breaking Barriers for Others

In recent years, the media industry in Detroit has undergone a profound renaissance, fueled by the creative expertise of Black creators who have taken charge. The city has seen a surge in the number of independent media companies emerging in recent years — the majority of which are minority owned. This wave of talent and innovation has not only elevated Detroit’s status as a cultural hub but has also paved the way for a dynamic and transformative media ecosystem. 

In the growing industry Randi Rossario has undoubtedly stood out. With her unwavering drive, unmatched creativity and innate ability to connect with audiences, Rossario has forged a truly diverse and dynamic business empire, spanning the realms of publishing, entrepreneurial ventures, social media influence, radio dominance, and now, the exciting world of television. By owning and operating multiple small businesses within the media industry she has cultivated a strong and interconnected media ecosystem adding to Detroit’s flourishing media landscape. 

In the competitive realm of media, creating a thriving ecosystem is crucial for long-term success.  Initially, Rossario had exciting plans to launch and distribute her highly anticipated TV show, “The Randi Rossario Show,” through a new entertainment channel on popular streaming platforms such as Tubi and TCL. However, a series of unforeseen delays and postponed release dates prompted Rossario and her dedicated team to take a bold and independent approach to the show’s distribution. 

When faced with delays and setbacks in the initial deal for her TV show, Rossario took matters into her own hands. Leveraging her extensive network and relationships within the influencer community, she explored the possibility of self-distribution. In February, she began researching and exploring options to distribute her own show, determined to keep the momentum going despite the challenges. By March, she found a viable route and in April, production progressed with her dedicated team. 

Taking full financial responsibility, just like the entrepreneurial spirit that drives her, Rossario embraced the opportunity to navigate the distribution process independently. Realizing that external support or resources were not forthcoming, she recognized the need to rely on her own expertise and determination to bring her show to audiences. This decision marked a significant turning point, highlighting her resilience and resourcefulness in the face of obstacles. 

“I found a way for me to do something and still stay true to myself. My husband and I have an international network of digital billboards, I own a radio station and I’m a social media mogul within myself. So why wouldn’t I self-distribute? I know that is also me speaking from a place of privilege because everyone doesn’t have the access and the reach I do. That’s the reason why Rose Garden Productions is what it is and what it will be. I will be rolling out my show and helping a few more influencers distribute their shows.” 

Rossario’s mission is not to create obstacles for the upcoming creatives she collaborates with. On the contrary, she is determined to provide them with a platform, serving as an independent entertainer who lends a helping hand to fellow artists. Operating with the mindset of fostering growth and opportunity, Rossario aims to offer a valuable outlet for emerging talents while staying true to her own independent spirit. 

Rossario’s journey has taught her that winning requires more than just a momentary spark of inspiration; it demands unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. She encourages individuals to go beyond surface-level motivation and instead uncover the hidden gems of wisdom that will propel them forward. In a world where shortcuts may tempt the weak-willed, Rossario stands tall as a shining example of the power of perseverance and strategic planning. 

“It’s really important to have a mentor and it’s really important to do your research. Utilizing the resources efficiently and putting yourself out there is how you get things done. A lot of times people don’t win not because they are the best or the most talented, people win off proximity, relationships and just being there. Be around people that are already doing it. That’s the best resource you can have.” 

Rossario’s journey in media as a entrepreneur, mother and wife is nothing short of inspiring. Balancing multiple successful businesses alongside her husband JT, she exemplifies the true meaning of a multi-talented entrepreneur. With each step she takes in the media industry, Rossario’s experience, expertise and reach continue to expand, propelling her forward on an extraordinary path of success. 

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