New Way to Access Housing Resources Coming to Detroit

Detroiters now have a new way to get support for housing services. Whether they need information on how to rent, buy, or seek assistance, or they want to know about current residential occupancy, they can call a single phone number: 1-866-313-2520.

The City of Detroit launched the Detroit Housing Resource Helpline in response to the challenges that residents face in navigating the complex system of housing services. The helpline will provide a single point of contact for people seeking housing assistance, and it will connect them with the resources they need.

The helpline is supported by the Gilbert Family Foundation, which has pledged $10 million over three years to help fund the program. Wayne Metro Community Action Agency operates the helpline, which is available to all Detroit residents.

“The City and its partners offer a lot of great services to help Detroiters with their housing needs, but they don’t mean much if people don’t know how to access them,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “Thanks to the efforts of our partners and the generous support of the Gilbert Family Foundation, we now have a simple process to guide residents to the right housing resource and a growing number of programs to help them.”

The Gilbert Family Foundation has previously pledged $500 million to support projects across Detroit over a 10-year commitment. This housing support plays a role in that effort.

“Every Detroiter deserves access to safe, stable, and healthy housing, as part of their journey toward economic mobility and financial freedom,” said Laura Grannemann, Executive Director of the Gilbert Family Foundation. “This partnership with the Detroit Housing Network and the City of Detroit creates a new front door for housing services, dramatically simplifying the complex process of connecting with housing resources and expanding services to homeowners and renters alike.”

The helpline will provide homeowners and homebuyers with various information through the Detroit Housing Network. Detroiters can call the helpline to learn about property tax foreclosure counseling, home repair services, preparation for buying a home counseling and education, assistance with property tax issues, and financial counseling.

The helpline is available Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is part of the $203 million affordable housing plan announced last year by city officials.

Launching the Detroit Housing Resource Helpline is a significant step forward in the City’s efforts to provide affordable housing for all Detroiters. The helpline will make it easier for residents to access the resources they need and help ensure that everyone has a safe and stable place to live.


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