Celebrating MISS DIG Awareness Month`

Detroiters, did you know that before you start any digging projects at your home, it’s required by law to call MISS DIG at 811? It is! By dialing these three numbers at least three business days before digging, you are ensuring your safety and the safety of your neighbors. Plus, April is MISS DIG Awareness Month so it’s a great time to learn more about the importance of safe digging.

When MISS DIG gets a call about a digging project, they call all companies who have underground utilities at or near the project site to come out and properly flag them for safety. Digging without knowing the location of underground utilities can result in serious injuries, service disruptions, and costly repairs when gas, electric, communications, water and/or sewer lines are damaged.

The majority of homeowner damages are caused by hand tools like shovels when doing projects such as:

  • Installing a fence, mailbox, deck or pool
  • Planting trees and bushes
  • Laying a patio
  • Erecting an event tent with large stakes in the ground

If you plan to dig in your yard, contact MISS DIG at 811 or www.missdig811.org at least three business days before digging, wait until flags have been placed to mark your utility lines, and leave flags in place until underground work is complete.

Please remind your friends and family to always call MISS DIG at least three business days before digging in their yard by calling 811 and stay safe this spring/summer!

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