Breaking News: Biden Plans to Announce Reelection Campaign

President Joe Biden will run for reelection.

According to the Detroit News, Biden and his team will release an announcement video next Tuesday to coincide with the anniversary of his first bid for the White House.

Though the White House has made no official announcement due to referring to rules prohibiting government agencies from campaign activity, “for months, Biden has signaled he planned to run for a second term, but he has held off an official announcement, as he and his aides felt no urgency to launch a campaign, especially after a better-than-expected midterm performance by the Democrats dampened talk of a primary challenge,” the Detroit News said.

The video will tout Biden’s achievements, such as guiding the country through the pandemic and his $1 trillion infrastructure bill. The president also plans to meet with donors next week and with a “national advisory board” of people who will campaign on his behalf.

The other two Democrats running for president are Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and author Marianne Williamson.

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