Tiny House Battle Ends With Eviction

A judge decided on Wednesday to evict tiny house renter after a yearlong battle.

Taura Brown said that she paid her rent on time to Cass Community Social Services, which owns her dwelling and other tiny homes for economically underserved people. However, when she questioned the organization’s homeownership process and management, she contended that the organization evicted her out of retaliation.

Cass Community Social Services stated that Brown did not live in the house, which is one of their requirement for eventual ownership. The organization also contended that Brown stopped paying rent in February 2021. Reverend Faith Fowler, who is the Executive Director, is also suing Brown for defamation.

The judge in the case, 36th District Court’s Judge Shawn Jacque, sided with Cass Community Social Services and signed the Order of Eviction. The order stated that Brown has 10 days to leave her home. She said that she’ll fight the eviction.

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