We’ve Got Brunch Brings Stylish Dining Experience, Chic Southern Cuisine to Metro Detroit

By Lynzee Mychael,

Unique dishes, a beautiful backdrop, and a happy stomach are all things you can expect when visiting We’ve Got Brunch in West Bloomfield Township.

Inspired by brunch spots in popular cities like Atlanta and Miami, this black owned and operated restaurant is attracting customers from all over Metro Detroit to enjoy their exclusive brunch experience. The menu, based on southern cuisine with a twist, makes it almost impossible to order just one thing.

Owner Bria Willis-Franklin, accredits the concept of We’ve Got Brunch as a vision between herself and partner Kiera Henderson. Neither Willis-Franklin nor Henderson are new to being entrepreneurs and understands that planning and being on the same page are key concepts to running a successful business.

“We came up with the idea about a year and a half ago,” Willis-Franklin explains. “Our vision was out of town brunch spots similar to the ones we like to visit.” One of those inspirations is Papi Steak, a popular Steakhouse in Miami, which features an upbeat dining experience with trendy furniture and beautiful wall art.

“I love their wallpaper. Once I knew that I wanted a restaurant, I knew we had to incorporate wallpaper somewhere.”

With the urge to post engaging and fun content on social media being pushed more than ever, stylish and fashionable aesthetics are becoming a necessity to remain relevant in the current social climate. Willis-Franklin understands the importance of setting an enjoyable ambience and is happy to bring an option like this for Detroiters to enjoy without hopping on a plane.

Touches of nature, hot pink, marble and gold all give this brunch spot an elevated appearance that’s been driving traffic through the door to capture content and share the recommendation with friends and family. After mapping out their thoughts on the restaurant’s interior design, the women hired local Detroit artist Lady J the Painter to bring the vision to fruition.

“My good friend Lady J completed our grass walls, neon signs, bar tile and wallpaper,” says Willis-Franklin. “The interior design is a perfect blend of me and my partner’s concepts.’’

After customers are done taking videos and photos of the establishment, the menu offers a rare combination of fresh seafood and soul food made to order every day.

“I actually have three favorites [from the menu],” says Willis-Franklin. “You have to try the peach cobbler chicken and waffles, the trifecta southern grits and the seafood omelet. Make sure to get the lobster tail on top”.

Outside of owning the restaurant, Willis-Franklin states that her and husband, affectionately known as Mr. Franklin, both help with internal operations by assisting customers and staff where necessary. From hosting, waitressing, and sometime cooking, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty if it’s in the best interest of the restaurant.

Although this isn’t her first venture, Willis-Franklin told us she is learning new lessons everyday while running a business in the food industry.

“People are going to have complaints. People will love what you do, and some won’t like it at all. I don’t take anything personally.”

We’ve Got Brunched opened on Black Friday 2022 but recently refreshed the restaurant with an exciting new staff and brand-new menu. Tarryl Devault, Executive Chef and known brunch expert, joined the team at the end of 2022 and has been creating and revamping extraordinary dishes that fit the southern and chic cuisine focus the owners strive for.

“When I got the opportunity to come here and create a vast menu that caters to everyone I jumped on the chance,” Devault explains.

With 25 years under his belt and a resume that spans from mom and pop to five-star restaurants, Devault says this experience is special due to the relationship he shares with the owners.

“I look at them like brother and sister and I’m enjoying being a part of the vision.”

Devault expresses his background prepared him for this position and he enjoys trying new recipes and introducing unusual dishes to those that visit.

“My favorite dish is the seafood omelet. That dish is special because we all sat together and created it,” says Devault. He goes on to define the menu as fantastic and even mentions a delicious signature secret sauce that can only be tested at the restaurant.

We’ve Got Brunch is located on Orchard Lake Road near West 14 Mile Road. Patrons are welcome to visit and have a brunch worthy enough for out-of-town guests, every day from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. The restaurant does not take reservations for the main dining area, but they are encouraged for the rooftop reopening at the end of April. The rooftop offers a different experience including DJ’s, live bands, and outdoor dining.

They are also accepting bookings for birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, and other celebrations. Follow their official Instagram account @wevegotbunch to stay in the know for upcoming events and new menu items.



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