Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Says $1.5M Paid Up

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick recently asked a judge to end his supervised release and says that his $1.5 million restitution debt is already paid, WXYZ reports.

His lawyer claimed that he received a new sentence under clemency that included time served and three years of supervised release. He is prohibited from leaving Georgia, where he currently resides with his new wife, and he was responsible for the restitution, according to the news report.

“Mr. Kilpatrick has done everything in his power to rehabilitate himself as demonstrated by his genuinely exceptional accomplishments and meritorious prison record, but does not seek to justify, diminish, or detract from the seriousness of his offenses. Mr. Kilpatrick unequivocally accepts responsibility for his criminal conduct,” a filing reads in the report.

Attorney Brandon Byrd also said that the $1.5 million restitution was paid due to liquidation of assets tied to Kilpatrick’s co-defendant, Bobby Ferguson.

“These liquidated and liquid amounts should be applied as a credit against the amount that Mr. Kilpatrick owes on the $1,520,653.50 money judgment. Heretofore, none of the liquidated assets, nor the seized liquid assets have been applied as a credit to Mr. Kilpatrick’s owed money judgment, as they should per the Court’s Judgment,” the filing reads in the report.

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