Chaos to Calm: Makeover TV Series Brings Fresh Take on Organization in Detroit

Michaele Tocco’s got a bone to pick with you about that mess.

Yes, that one – the bedroom closet piled so high with clutter that you can barely get to your clothes. Or what about that expensive monthly storage locker you should sort through but you keep putting off and delaying doing so? Yes, she would like a word with you about those organizational skills that need some tweaking.

Not to worry, though, this professional organizer and founder/CEO of Michaele’s Precise Planning has only good vibes and even greater love to spread through her work and passion for getting people to fully inhabit the spaces they occupy with her special touch of clutter-free calm.

Tocco’s Touch

Tocco wants to give everyone a piece of the calm pie through an upcoming series, “Chaos to Calm,” which will premiere in Detroit where she fixes spaces to maximize them with a sometimes-minimum budget.

“To me calm it’s just that – it’s … a sense of seeing everything in its place,” she said, adding that even in her own home she creates a space for everything. “So even when you’re rushing in the morning you know having the place from where your keys go … a drop zone for the kids’ backpacks, their shoes, so everyone’s not running around in the morning.”

aspireTV, the network that celebrates and reflects the Black culture and urban lifestyle, announced the organizing makeover show, which takes viewers from cluttered and frustrated to contented and organized, with practical and functional tips and tricks delivered by Detroit’s organizing maven Tocco.

From sharing tips and tricks on removing clutter to organizing clutter zones like basements and even businesses, Tocco and her assistant. Rodney Tompkins, show others how it can be done.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our audience to Michaele in this new season of ‘Chaos to Calm,’” said Tina Rodriguez, senior director of programming and acquisitions, aspireTV. “Not only will we see Michaele work her magic and help homeowners this season, but also viewers will get a peek into many places that make Detroit such a special city.”

In addition to homes, businesses captured for the show include The Motown Museum, The Detroit Pistons, The Parade Company, The Theater, and the Culinary Incubator at the Marygrove Conservancy, as well as the Bagley Mansion and Woodward Avenue businesses Pure Vin and Bleu Bowtique. Rodney Thompkins is also her on-camera assistant.

Tocco said that it’s exciting to flip spaces from literally chaos to calm while filming.

“I got to meet a lot of awesome people … in my own city of Detroit,” she said, adding that she hopes viewers will enjoy the show and learn some key lessons no matter how much time they have. “In my real life [work] I can take days to do a space but with the time frame that we had to kind of flip [spaces during the episodes] in one day, I’m just hoping viewers take away just some great tips to organize their spaces at home.”

At Michaele’s Precise Planning, clutter cleanup includes everything from kitchens and pantries to bedrooms and playrooms, along with home staging, relocation and more.

Michaele’s Precise Planning sessions are typically four to six hours with a customized plan designed specifically to your needs.

“Creating a more organized life is an investment in your happiness and peace of mind,” according to her website. “Michaele’s Precise Planning will design and create custom organizational systems in your home or office specific to your needs. You will have a professional by your side from day one to take the guesswork out of creating a functional space that will last.”

Theresa Kowall-Shipp is the executive producer and show-runner of “Chaos to Calm,” with Robert Halmi and Jim Reeve from Great Point Media also serving as executive producers. 

aspireTV is a television network that celebrates and reflects Black culture and urban lifestyle in a way that is inspiring, authentic and entertaining. 

For more information, visit,, @TVaspire on Twitter, and @TVaspire on Instagram.

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