DTE Connects Customers To Multimillion-Dollar Home Heating Programs

As Michigan braces for another cold winter and higher energy usage, DTE Energy is helping those facing financial hardships pay their bills. In the past 12 months, the company has helped connect its customers to nearly $200 million in aid – more than ever before – and is gearing up with its partners now to continue this support in winter’s coldest months, when many will need it most.

Help is available for those having trouble paying their energy bills through many payment assistance options:

  • For customers who need help paying their energy bill, there are several payment assistance programs. Contact DTE at 477.4747 as soon as you know you may have a challenge paying your bill.
  • Customers may also dial 211 to reach a service agency for help in identifying all the assistance available.
  • Customers may also be eligible for protection from disconnects based on income and other factors. Learn more at com/help

DTE secures financial help for customers through its partner programs such as State Emergency Relief (SER), the Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP), as well as DTE’s own Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Plan (LSP). Additionally, the company has donated $60 million in recent years to The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW), United Way, Salvation Army and TrueNorth to help ensure Michigan homes remain safe and warm.

As a leader of this coalition, DTE serves as a conduit for the customer funding, a one-stop shop for financial help. “We want every in-need customer to know that the help is here for you,” said Joi Harris, president and COO of DTE Gas. “You just have to reach out.”

While DTE is working with its coalition partners to determine exactly how much money will be available in the next 12 months, Harris said it will once again amount to tens of millions of dollars. In addition, Harris announced that DTE will support THAW’s fundraising efforts during their annual Week of Warmth the first week in November. “We know these are challenging times for many across the state, so our goal is to provide direct assistance to those in need,” she said.

DTE’s approach to securing natural gas – buying gas over the course of 24 months before delivering it to customers – has traditionally protected customers from recent energy price volatility. While natural gas prices have continued to rise across the country, DTE assures customers it is committed to keeping bills as affordable as possible and has multiple forms of help available for those who may be struggling.

DTE’s energy efficiency programs can also help customers see savings on their bills:

  • Home Energy Consultations provide free, energy efficient products as well as money-saving tips for a single-family home, duplex or condominium. Customers can call 796.0512 to schedule a consultation.
  • Customers who have a limited income may explore DTE’s Energy Efficiency Assistance (EEA) program, where qualifying customers can receive additional energy efficient products to help reduce their monthly bills.

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