Detroit City Council votes ‘no’ Tuesday to Proposed Restaurant Grading Ordinance

A proposed restaurant grading ordinance that would have required restaurants to post a color-coded health inspection rating in their front windows has been voted down 3-6 by the Detroit City Council.


Council members on Tuesday expressed concerns about putting a heavier workload on already burdened health department inspectors. But the council has approved an additional $200,000 to the Detroit Health Department’s budget and the department plans to hire more inspectors.


Councilmember Scott Benson, who represents the city’s Third District, proposed the ordinance to protect diners after multiple food safety concerns and violations in local restaurants.


“While disappointing, we will continue to keep our residents safe from poor food handling practices and restaurants that serve their customers food contaminated by rodent droppings and roach infestations,” he said.


“We will work to bring transparency to this process, but today, the Detroit City Council has spoken.”


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