Beverly Watts Launches Consulting Firm For Minority-Owned Businesses

After 19 years of dedicated service in Michigan’s infrastructure leadership, Beverly Watts recently launched a consulting firm to advise others in the public and private sectors on organizational goal setting.

As the president of Detroit-based BME Consulting, LLC, Watts is dedicated to serving minority-run, infrastructure-based businesses and startups in strategic goal setting, budget management, and marketing plans.

BME stands for Watts’ mission to guide developing companies on avenues to Build, Manage, and Exceed.

“I wanted to launch this company with my great experience in improving the 43 communities in our county,” said Watts.

“The narrow of my focus is to our minority organizations and companies. I established BME to address the current gaps and challenges, mostly faced by minority-owned firms in their interest in the industry. My goal is to assist them with what they are usually lacking: sustainable and equitable solutions.”

Watts’ consulting firm provides a host of services for companies to navigate crisis and asset management, government relations, executive advisement, speaking engagements, budget assessment, labor negotiations, and strategic planning.

Last November, President Biden signed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) into law, authorizing an estimated $550 billion in new federal investment in America’s roads and bridges, water infrastructure, and resilience, internet, and more. Since then, the government has funded over 5,000 projects and released around $113 billion, of which Michigan has received $3 billion in climate/energy and transportation funding.

In an August 2021 press release statement, Governor Whitmer said, “The bill includes $110 billion for roads and bridges and $66 billion in new spending on our U.S. rail network. MDOT has estimated that the bill would bring an estimated $7.26 billion in these funds for Michigan — that’s $1.7 billion more coming to Michigan over the next five years than over the past five.

“This funding includes over an estimated $3.9 billion through the National Highway Performance Program, $1.9 billion through the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program and $413 million through the Highway Safety Improvement Program”.

The conception of her consulting firm grew out of a need to help improve our quality of life by locally leveraging the growing investment of significant federal dollars in improving infrastructure, recreational opportunities and connecting communities.

“Here we have billions of dollars coming our way,” said Watts. “I want to see how it’s going to translate to smaller companies. I’m here to support them on how we can access the money and what is needed to get it. I have been engaged with these organizations and have relationships, so this is really where I have the expertise because I have been there and know how to get this championed for them.”

As a consultant, Watts is focused on strengthening the work of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), which are firms owned and controlled by minorities, women, and socially and economically disadvantaged persons.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) offers applications for the federally funded program to uplift DBEs toward self-sufficiency.

BME Consulting’s current clients include Carla Walker-Miller, founder and CEO of Walker-Miller Energy, Mark Wallace, CEO of the Detroit Riverfront Conservatory, and Leading Edge Business Solutions.

Empowering A Legacy of Public Service

During almost two decades of public service, Watts has been recognized as a strident leader in Michigan’s infrastructure development.

Prior to launching her firm, she served Wayne County as an influential leader since being appointed by Governor Jennifer Granholm as the first female director of the Parks Division.

From 2016-2022, Watts served as the first female director of Public Services in Wayne County, overseeing the County’s largest department, which is comprised of six divisions. She was responsible for aligning the department’s vision and mission with the goals set forth by the County Executive.

As a director, she managed the annual budget and developed a capital improvement plan. She stewarded the development of strategic goals and created a communication/marketing plan for each of the department’s six divisions, totaling over 600 employees with an annual budget exceeding $300 million and total assets estimated at $1 billion.

In January 2022, Governor Whitmer appointed Watts to the Michigan Infrastructure Council due to her passion, leadership and commitment to assist with creating a plan for Michigan’s infrastructure.

She has served as a member of NOBCO (National Organization of Black County Officials), SEMCOG (Southeast MI. Council of Governments), APWA (American Public Works Association), and NRPA (National Recreation and Parks Association), Friends of Wayne County Parks Board, Wayne County Economic Development and Brownfield Council.

Watts is a proud member of the Michigan Chapter of COMTO (Conference of Minority Transportation Officials), where she was awarded the 2019 “Pioneer Award for Public Agency Executive of the Year” for improvements to the department’s infrastructure.

“My main focus is Southeastern Michigan,” said Watts. “Anyone who is dealing in infrastructure planning and design, that means construction, electric charging stations, solar panels, project-based initiatives in community development such as the Riverfront Conservatory.

“Michigan minority firms are at the crux of a vital position to get a seat at the time. I’m here to help them toward achieving that excellence. “

To learn more about BME Consulting, LLC, and schedule a consultation, check out Beverly Watts’ website at


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