Fashion Brand Faces Backlash After Promoting Afro Hair Piece On White Model

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A major fast-fashion company is facing criticism for choosing a white woman to model an Afro hair piece on its website.

On Friday (September 16), screenshots from the SHEIN website emerged of a white model wearing an Afro-textured bun, which swiftly drew backlash on social media.

“SHEIN is selling Afro buns now,” a Twitter user wrote alongside a picture of the model. “It’s in their “period aah period ugh” section.”

Images of the white model sporting the drawstring hair accessory listed as a “short curly synthetic hair bun” were scrubbed from SHEIN’s website by Sunday (September 18) afternoon, REVOLT reports.

SHEIN is selling Afro buns now.

It’s in their “period aah period ugh” section.

— MBali 💫 (@TheJessieWoo) September 17, 2022

However, the move to remove the photos didn’t stop social media users from discussing the controversial marketing.

“Y’all keep supporting Shein, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, etc when it is known they steal from Black artists,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Now…who approved this?” another questioned.

Y’all keep supporting shein, fashionnova, pretty little thing etc when it is known they steal from black artists. Then when I don’t shop there I’m looked at as crazy, but I understand the value of withholding my dollar from companies that disrespect us.Y’all will shop there 2moro

— (@DiasporAfri_LLC) September 17, 2022

— 💎R h o n i i 💎 (@jiinohr) September 17, 2022

What makes angry is that schools that don’t allow black girls to have Afros or certain hair styles aren’t gonna say nothing when it’s white girls copying black girls real hair texture. It’s sickens me.

— Angelíca Gee (@LaNatural__) September 18, 2022

remebering when I saw this on shein…

— ☆ (@imliterallysoap) September 17, 2022

See you got Sweden in the front and Africa in the back. Them two place don’t meet .

— 777Randall_ (@LordRvndy) September 18, 2022

Now…who approved this?

— Stallion the II (@ikeonyourmind) September 17, 2022

And what the hell is this?

— Vacation Bible School DropOut (@chefgregdavis) September 17, 2022

— Count Blockula (@snaxx91) September 17, 2022

On SHEIN’s site, several other hair pieces and wigs that mimic Black textures and styles appear to be modeled by Black people or a mannequin head, per REVOLT.

It is not clear if other hair accessories were previously modeled by white women and removed.

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