Amazon Donating $250,000 to Support Detroit Wellness Nonprofits

Amazon announced on Wednesday, September 7 a $250,000 donation to Detroit wellness nonprofits, which includes organizations that are community leaders in neighborhood growth, urban farming, historic preservation and youth development.

Organizations receiving the wellness donation include:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Detroit
  • Pure Heart Foundation
  • Michigan Humane Society (Abraham Ranch)
  • Detroit Sound Conservancy (Blue Bird Inn)
  • Idlewild Lake County Merry Makers
  • Peace Tree Parks
  • Ossian H. Sweet House

The funds will go towards youth mental health programs, restoration of historic community sites, funding the construction of an urban greenhouse, and promotion of cultural and educational activities.

These donations build upon the company’s continued local community engagement efforts, exceeding $1.4 million in donations to Metro Detroit nonprofits within the past year alone. This includes donations to local Metro Detroit youth sporting nonprofits, recreation initiatives, upskilling and neighborhood restoration.

“At Amazon, we’re not only committed to being a good employer, but also a good neighbor. We are so excited to support these Metro Detroit organizations that provide wellness and development while serving as meeting places for our neighbors,” said Ian Conyers, Amazon’s Head of Community Engagement in Detroit. “We are looking forward to fall programs that make an impact on the communities in which we live, work and play.”

Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Metro Detroit is using the donation towards programming mentorship for Metro Detroit youth, which will impact hundreds of children in the organization.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is honored to have Amazon as a partner to serve youth to reach their fullest potential,” said Nicole McKinney, President and CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Detroit. “This grant will make it possible to address the social emotional needs of more children.”

Since 2010, Amazon has invested more than $6 billion in Michigan through infrastructure and compensation to employees and is proud to have created more than 26,000 jobs statewide. These jobs support communities of all sizes, pay an average national starting wage of $18 per hour—more than double the federal minimum wage—and provide comprehensive health benefits, paid time off, up to 20 weeks of fully paid parental leave, and full pre-paid college tuition after only 90 days on the job.

 “Children of incarcerated parents are often forgotten and left to navigate through their communities with no support. Amazon supporting Pure Heart Foundation has allowed us to build capacity and begin the healing journey of our scholars who live with the emotional toll from having a parent(s) incarcerated. This support will further our mental health and wellness initiative to ensure Pure Heart provides a mental health model that will improve our scholars’ emotional well-being.” – Sherelle Hogan, CEO and Founder, Pure Heart Foundation


“The Dr. Ossian H. Sweet Foundation is grateful for Amazon’s donation. As we continue to craft a brighter future for our community through restoration, education and civic engagement, we know that because of the generosity of Amazon we are much closer to our purpose and destiny today than we were yesterday.” – Daniel A. Baxter, Founder and CEO, Dr. Ossian H. Sweet Foundation


“We are excited about this project and what it means for the community. We are grateful to be able to increase the access that Detroit residents have to organic produce while providing a piece of art that residents can be proud of right in their neighborhood backyard.”—Eric Andrews, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Peace Tree Parks


“These funds from Amazon help Detroit Sound Conservancy get one step closer to nurturing and preserving the ‘voice’ of our community at The Blue Bird Inn, a historic jazz club and neighborhood hearth. We are on the path to fulfilling our mission of providing a place to be together and help Detroit musicians and all those who use music and sound to creatively ‘pass on’ the powerful legacy. For our community, this project will allow The Bird to become again a place to gather and educate. It will be for our children to learn new ways of being in community, to connect with Detroit artist mentors, to access archival collections and to hear great live music in our neighborhood.” – Michelle Jahra McKinney, Executive Director, Detroit Sound Conservancy

“The Amazon grant award is supporting our ongoing community outreach efforts to protect, preserve and enhance our historically black community’s legacy, culture and natural resources. These funds provide resources for capacity building and tools needed to educate and activate community members. Our many efforts include engaging community, natural resource protection, as well as arts and culture initiatives. It is Lake County Merry Makers’ intent to protect and celebrate the sacred black community of Idlewild with the support of amazing partners like Amazon.” – Susan Matous, Chief Experience Officer, Idlewild Lake County Merry Makers

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