Cadillac Celebrates 120 years of Community and Culture in Martha’s Vineyard.

(D-Nice poses in front in front of a 1955 Cadillac Coupe Deville. Photo Courtesy of Cadillac)

In August, Cadillac hosted black media and black entrepreneurs for a weekend of activations around culture and history with black taste makers in Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate Cadillac’s 120th anniversary.

“Being in Martha’s Vineyard in August is no chance happenstance, it’s purposeful and thoughtful. The bond that is forged in the Vineyard, and the connections created and cemented are lasting, memorable, and stay with you – much like our brand.” said Juanita Slappy, Head of Multicultural Marketing, Cadillac

More than just your average marketing, Cadillac’s brand theme ‘Be Iconic” speaks to the brand’s culture, from partnering with Ebony Magazine Summer Soiree in the Vineyard to providing luxurious driving; Cadillac is really about delivering excellence and experience.

“I am elated to be in Martha’s Vineyard with Cadillac, I feel like this is a place that has always stood for black excellence. And I am black excellence, I feel like Detroit as a city is a black excellence. We’re the blackest city in America. And I love that General Motors as a whole and Cadillac in particular, they are consistently showing up for black entrepreneurs for their black employees. It is my privilege to work with this multibillion dollar corporation and get to work with people who look like me. And I’m happy that Cadillac recognizes it, and chooses to activate in such an authentic way.” said Melissa Bulter, Founder, and CEO, The Lip Bar, Inc.

“Cadillac, iconic then, iconic now goes beyond our creative expressions and speaks to the DNA of the brand,” Slappy said.

The importance of how black people have contributed significantly to making the Cadillac brand iconic is a driving factor for the brand by ensuring collaboration with black entrepreneurs, creatives, and media.

“The intention to co-create and inspire mirrors the creative work led by icon Spike Lee and Spike DDB, Cadillac’s multicultural agency of record. Our partners like Detroit’s own, Melissa Butler of the LipBar who champions putting your best face forward and inspires others in the face of adversity with (Detroit) grit and grace while Phillip Ashley Rix, celebrity chocolatier who exclusively works with the Cadillac brand and boast clientele like Oprah and Brad Pitt- adds sweet sophistication to our gifting and experiential efforts parallels with the Cadillac brand- bold, sophisticated and innovative.” Slappy said.

EDGARTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS – AUGUST 15: Juanita Slappy and Tarshena Armstrong attend EBONY Summer Soireé on August 15, 2022 in Edgartown, Massachusetts. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images for Ebony Media Group)


Phillip Ashley, a black Chocolatier, is iconic in his way of making uniquely themed luxury chocolates and said that the partnership was luxe brands coming together.

“I’m working with Cadillac and GM by being their exclusive chocolatier is a big deal simply because, the bespoke handcrafted luxury process that we go through to develop chocolates. It’s two American luxury brands coming together with a similar goal. What does your brand taste like? What does Cadillac taste like? So, we went on this journey together to discover what Cadillac tastes like, in the different arenas they play in within the luxury automotive space, but it’s more than cars. It’s really about the brand, about the culture.”

“It’s rare a brand has this level of authentic cultural connectivity and is regarded as an adjective – everyone has a Cadillac story. It’s a brand that moves you. It’s iconic.” Slappy said.

Innovation is how Cadillac rose to the iconically recognizable brand we know, and they continue pushing the envelope to show up in creatively innovative places.

“As we continue to innovate cars as a vehicle of empowerment. Cadillac collaborates with Rising Icon Nyla Hayes who create an exclusive limited drop, limited edition Black Future Long Neckie NFT. NFT proceeds will benefit the Save The Music Foundation. Hayes, a 13-year-old digital artist who is TIMEPieces first Artist-in-Residence is truly a rising icon.” Slappy said.

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