Governor Gretchen Whitmer Issues Proclamation for Why Leading Globally Matters Locally

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued a proclamation declaring Tuesday, August 30, 2022 as U.S. Heartland Global Leadership Day. This declaration joins a growing movement across the Heartland and underscores the Governor’s commitment to America’s global engagement to advance the economic, health, and security interests of Michigan families.


“It is impressive to see leaders like Governor Whitmer speak out in celebration of U.S. Heartland Global Leadership Day, but I am not surprised,” said Liz Schrayer, President and CEO of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. “Governor Whitmer clearly understands that what happens globally matters locally here in Michigan and across the Heartland, and that America’s investments in diplomacy and development are critical to advancing the health, economic, and security interests of our local communities. Citizens across the region can be proud of the rich history in making the world a better, safer place, and the contribution of America’s Heartland states.”


Michigan is globally connected with agricultural exports supporting 1.1 million jobs, contributing $3.1 billion to the Michigan economy, and advancing America’s global effort to fighting hunger and poverty. From the economy to education to diplomacy, Michigan’s global connections are further cemented with Michigan colleges and universities together enrolling over 31,000 international students per year which contributes nearly $1.1 billion to the Michigan economy. Additionally, over 7,700 Michiganders have served overseas as Peace Corps volunteers since 1961. Notably, Governor Whitmer’s proclamation recognizes the importance of U.S. leadership through investments in diplomacy and global development.


Governor Whitmer joins over 35 mayors and governors in 11 states across the Heartland in celebrating August 30th as U.S. Heartland Global Leadership Day, as organized by the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. Together, they know that what happens around the world directly impacts their community’s success and prosperity, and they are taking a stand on the importance of America’s global leadership and showcasing what it is worth to communities across America’s Heartland.


U.S. Heartland Global Leadership Day coincides with USGLC’s 2022 Heartland Summit hosted in-person and virtually simultaneously on August 30 across three Heartland cities: Minnetonka, Minnesota; West Lafayette, Indiana; and Wichita, Kansas. Leaders from across America’s Heartland are gathering to unpack how strategic investments in agriculture, digital technology, and global development are creating jobs at home and abroad, feeding the hungry, reducing poverty, and keeping America safe. 

The USGLC Heartland Summit takes place from 12:30PM – 3:00PM ET on Tuesday, August 30. Watch online here


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