Whitmer: “We Are Going to Court Today to Defend Legal Abortion in Michigan.” 


Today, Governor Whitmer and her legal team are going to court to defend legal abortion in Michigan.

On Monday, the Oakland County Circuit Court granted the governor’s request for a temporary restraining order after a decision earlier that day from the Michigan Court of Appeals that cleared the path for county prosecutors to prosecute doctors and nurses for doing their jobs. The governor’s legal efforts continue today, and she will continue fighting like hell to ensure women have control over their bodies and that doctors and nurses can do their jobs without fear of jail time. 

“We are going to court today to defend legal abortion in Michigan,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “The status of abortion in Michigan remains precarious, and we are fighting like hell to make sure medical decisions are left between a woman and her doctor. On Monday, hours after a court cleared a path for county prosecutors to prosecute doctors and nurses, I secured a temporary restraining order ensuring they could keep doing their jobs. This is another textbook example of why the Michigan Supreme Court must take up my lawsuit to constitutionally protect reproductive freedom as soon as possible. Our doctors and nurses cannot wait any longer. I will keep fighting like hell to keep abortion safe and legal in Michigan.” 

Michigan has a law from 1931 on the books banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest and allowing doctors and nurses who offer reproductive care to be prosecuted. The Republican majority in the Michigan Legislature has been in court defending the extreme 1931 abortion ban and multiple county prosecutors are prepared to prosecute if they have a legal opening and put nurses and doctors behind bars. 

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