WBA Host Celebration to Honor 50 Years of Law Practice

(Photo: Seated left to right: Brenda Maxwell, Judge Vera Massey Jones, Sharon Bernard, Joseph Brown, Judge Theresa Doss. Standing left to right: Saul Green, Judge Eric Clay, Judge Ray Reynolds Graves, Hon. Dennis Archer, Judge Joseph Baltimore, James Rucker, Eugene Terry, Judge Gershwin Drain, Elliott Hall, Judge Christopher Brown, Cornelius Pitts).

Wolverine Bar Association held a special celebration to honor some of its most esteemed and iconic Attorneys and Judges for 50 Years of Law Practice within the State of Michigan. The milestone affair was held July 13, 2022, at the historic Detroit Athletic Club, with United States Attorney Dawn Ison as the Keynote speaker.

“It was a wonderful occasion led by WBA Chairs Attorney Elliott Hall and Sherrie Farrell along with Judge Cylenthia LaToye Miller. We wanted to honor them and show our appreciation for paving the way and for seeking justice.” said WBA President Kim L. Ward. “This is a group of trailblazers who held high positions early on within their field and broke barriers and shattered ceilings for others. They are the building blocks and truly an inspiration to many in the profession.”

Many federal and state dignitaries provided warm remarks to the Honorees for their many contributions, achievements and exemplary service to the legal profession, including Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, Governor Whitmer, Chief Judge Bridget McCormack, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans, Mayor Duggan, and so many others.

“It meant a lot to us. We all saw a classmate or two and briefly caught up and met spouses, children and grandchildren. It was a special evening for each of us.” Dennis Archer, Sr.

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