Local Reporter Paula Tutman Invents Bust-Supporting Bra in Female-led Company 

Paula Elle Tutman, left, an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist for Local 4 News, holds one of her new breast-lifting solutions for women. Bra-Less Bra, Instant Cleavage Sculpting Solution Product, does wonders for women looking for bust support.  


When it comes to developing a positive body image, reporter Paula Tutman, an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist for WDIV-TV Local 4 News, knows a thing or two about staying true to herself.  

Tutman, known for her upbeat personality, wit and knack for news, now has another title under her belt as an entrepreneur. 

As the creator of a new tape product, the Bra-Less Bra, Instant Cleavage Sculpting Solution, Tutman hopes that other women will overcome body issues she faced herself over the years. 

 “I developed early, was teased often, and hated the way I looked because I had breasts at age 12 and other girls didn’t,” she said in a press release. “In college while preparing for a dance… I grabbed a roll of Scotch tape and lifted my breasts to fit into a dress. I graduated to plastic postage tape and then duct tape and masking tape and finally — many years later after landing in Detroit, I discovered surgical tape, which became my magic bullet.”  

Bra-less Bra, Instant Cleavage Sculpting Solution is a translucent, customizable breast tape that lifts, supports, and boosts confidence for women of all sizes. 

Tutman, who invented the made-in-the-USA product (and assembled an all-women team to design, manufacture and market it) told the Michigan Chronicle that sculpting the cleavage line in a “way you want it” to look is a game changer, especially for women facing chronic body image struggles. 

“Because of my own pain points …  I could not wear what the other girls wore,” Tutman said, adding that she had a roller coaster of self-esteem image issues. 

Those issues grew to a major breaking point in her life after she went in for a medical examination and her doctor thought she was being abused because of bruises, scars, cuts and scrapes around her bra line, where she would put surgical tape and it painfully tore her skin. 

“When I took it off it would rip my skin — I didn’t care because I looked great,” Tutman said adding that she realized that day “something had to change.” 

“I know I’m not the only one facing that problem,” Tutman said adding that there are a “million women” with stories similar to her who simply want to look great in their clothes. 

Tutman started the company several years ago after mulling over the idea with encouragement from others and she built her all-female empire from the ground up in 2018. 

“They knew what I didn’t know — they knew how to reach manufacturers … where to find initial funding,” Tutman said. “Together we built the product.” 

Lola Aré, CEO of  Zuke-iT, the maker of Bra-Less Bra, told the Michigan Chronicle that as the CEO of Tutman’s company, the journey was worth it despite numerous challenges of “making the founder’s vision a reality” and getting to market.   

“Today, it’s all falling in place due to the strength of our all-female leadership team and the various skill sets and years of experience each team member brings to the table,” Aré said.  “And what keeps me going each day is the bigger picture of bringing to market a product that makes women feel great about themselves. This venture has been single-handedly about collaboration and working with other women to get to the finish line.”   

Bra-less Bra is powered by Zuke-iT, a 100 percent minority women-owned and operated company. Its mission is to seek solutions that literally support women. Ninety percent of the vendors it works with are female owned and/or operated enterprises. Zuke-iT was recently awarded a first place, $10,000 grant from Michigan Women Forward. 

“The journey to get our product to market has been long, difficult and chaotic,” Tutman said. “I had no idea how to get from point A to the finish-line. Our team has helped to fill in the blanks and together we are navigating the challenges of securing funding, surviving the pandemic and withstanding unseen forces that seem to be unique to female entrepreneurship.”  

Tutman had the idea for a translucent, customizable breast tape that could lift and support but didn’t know how to get it designed, manufactured and sold, according to a press release. So, she built a diverse, all-woman team to guide her through research and development, design and manufacturing. 

“I’m proud that we stood firmly in our decision to manufacture in the USA,” she adds. “I have personally shaken every single hand that touches my invention on the assembly line. I have been able to look every worker in the eye and thank them for their work.”     

Bra-less Bra is priced at $49.99 per roll and is available for purchase online at bralessbra.com. One roll of Bra-less Bra can be used up to five times, depending on cup size.  

Shipping is currently available within the U.S.A., to Canada and the UK.  

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