Detroit Filmmaker Releases ‘Chedda Boys’ Movie

DETROIT — Executive producer Kwende “Street Lord Rook” Ried and Chedda Boy Films will premiere their new film, Chedda Boys, on Friday, June 24, 2022 in Detroit. Directed by Ried and written by Ronnie Kirk and Jeff Brown, profound realism is explored as the characters navigate life altering decisions. Ried, an original member of the legendary Street Lordz Chedda Boyz hip-hop group, presents an authentic modern day story instead of the typical watered down version portrayed in mainstream movies.

“Every 5-10 years, we get a Black urban movie, but Hollywood doesn’t show the whole picture, I’m showing the whole picture of what happens in our stories,” explains Ried. “It’s a movie about choices and decision making.”

Digital Anchor Andre Ash interviews “Street Lord Rook” on “Chedda Boys” Movie

Derived from the eponymous crew, Chedda Boys tells the story of King (Chris Collins) a promising basketball prospect raised in a family of drug dealers, eager to earn respect on his name. After graduating from high school, he joins his cousins, Yatta (Overlord Scooch) and Duke (Payroll Giovanni) in expanding the family business. The trio become major players in the world of drugs while surrounded by violence, envy, pride, arrogance and greed. Despite the nefarious side of the family’s legacy, their relentless work ethic elevates them past their competitors and enemies.

Packed with pivotal moments, Chedda Boys stars seminal talent such as Erica Pinkett, Payroll Giovanni, Overlord Scooch, Tattooman Paige, Lavon Sysko and StreetLords Rook and Juan. The cast, director and writers are available for interviews leading up to and during the premiere.

The red carpet release of Chedda Boys is Friday, June 24, 7 p.m. at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema in Detroit. Viewers can catch the movie on major digital streaming platforms later this summer along with the release of the Chedda Boys Soundtrack.

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