BMe Community Announces $110,000 in Grants for 11 BMe Vanguard Awardees from Detroit

Nonprofit recognizes unsung black leaders who help others to live, own, vote, and excel 

Miami, Fla., June 16, 2022 – Nonprofit BMe Community announced awards to 23 remarkable Black leaders whom they call BMe Vanguards. Eleven of the 23 national awardees are from Detroit. The award is given to Black people whose service and leadership have earned them the respect and trust of their communities. Each awardee is admitted into an advanced leadership program and receives a $10,000 grant to further the work they are doing in their communities.

Through its Vanguard Program, BMe Community equips awardees to lead from narratives of Black aspirations rather than degradations. It also provides them access to expert knowledge and networks, in addition to the grants, which total $110,000 to Detroit-area causes.

“The BMe Vanguard are taught to define Black people and all people by their aspirations and contributions rather than by degradations and disparities,” said BMe Community Founder and CEO, Trabian Shorters. “We don’t ignore what’s wrong with situations, but we start with what’s right with the people. Then we build their freedoms to live, own, vote, and excel.

That’s how we build equity without stigma.”

BMe Community strikes a novel yet effective tone on racial and social progress.

The commitment to defining people by aspirations and contributions is known as

“Asset-Framing”. Its practitioners report that it helps them to raise more money, have bigger policy impacts, and gain greater public support than traditional approaches.

“We’re all different,” said 2022 BMe Vanguard Anton Horton, Dean of Culture at University Prep in Detroit. “We all come from different places, but the one thing that makes us alike is that we’re here to change the world as Black people for Black people.” And that creates a better society for everyone.

The 2022 BMe Vanguard Awardees from Metro Detroit are: Kenya Abbott Jr., Tyrone Bean,

Dillion Ashton Brown, Javier Evelyn, Nedra Hall, Ragine Head, Anton Horton, Destynee Nixon, Jeremiah Steen, Daniel Washington, Alyssa Williams.

The 2022 BMe Vanguard Awardees Nationally (not including Detroit) are: Kibi Anderson – Los Angeles, CA; John Borders IV – Boston, MA; Saeeda Dunston – Queens, NY; Paula Fontana – McDonough, Georgia; Tina Gridiron – Indianapolis, IN; Adam Johnson – Las Vegas, NV; Kenya Lloyd – Raleigh, NC; Samantha Lyons – Philadelphia, PA; Sophia Peake – Philadelphia, PA; Jerelyn Rodriguez – New York, NY; Anthony ShoeCraft – Seattle, WA; Derek Steele – Inglewood, CA.

The Skillman Foundation funded the 2022 BMe Vanguard Award for ten of the fellows from Detroit. The NBA Foundation and the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation funded the award for the other awardees.

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