Native Detroiter Jawan Jackson the Newest Member of the Temptations

Detroit native Jawan Jackson is moving up in the world.

As a newly-minted official member of the Temptations group, he will take the late Melvin Franklin’s spot after playing him rather successfully in two popular Broadway shows, according to an article from the Detroit Free Press.

The singer will take over the bass duties in the popular singing group, and moving into a hallowed spot that Franklin held down for decades, according to the article.

On Tuesday, Jackson will officially sing with the group in his onstage debut this Tuesday in Seattle alongside Otis Williams, Ron Tyson, Terry Weeks and Anthony Grant, according to the article. The group will also launch a fall tour including traveling to Europe. Jackson also replaces bass vocalist Willie Green, who joined the group in 2016.

Jackson, a long-time Motown fan said that from 2017 to 2021, he played the late bass singer in the musical “Ain’t Too Proud,” according to the article.

“I got a lot of love for being Melvin,” said Jackson in the article. “Now I get to be my actual self, bringing my own artistry to the Temptations. I’ll be carrying Melvin’s essence with me, of course, but I get to be Jawan.”

A little closer to his stomping ground of Detroit, Jackson will be visiting his city at the Fisher Theatre when “Ain’t Too Proud” launches Aug. 9-28 in Detroit.

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