DTE Energy improving reliability by investing $ 1.3B annually in capital improvement projects

Spring is finally here, and for many, it’s not just a sign of warmer weather — it’s a symbol of renewal. At DTE Energy, our commitment to renewing, upgrading and improving our services to provide reliable power isn’t just a spring theme, it’s what our team lives by each and every day.

In fall of 2021, we filed a new grid investment plan that will lead to increased reliability for our customers and the communities we serve. Projects were selected based on data-driven research, with many of these projects taking place in Detroit neighborhoods. Through our capital improvement work, we’re investing more than $1.3 billion annually over the next few years to upgrade DTE’s electric infrastructure and create a more robust power grid for our customers.

“The capital improvement projects are a huge investment in the communities DTE Energy serves,” said Matthew Evon, capital project implementation manager. “For years, we have worked to improve reliability for customers, and these projects are another step toward building a resilient power grid of the future. DTE also will continue to invest in modernizing the grid to adapt for renewable energy and advance technologies for our customers’ move toward cleaner solutions like electric vehicles.”

The energy needs of people and businesses have changed significantly over time. Whether someone is working from home, gaming, streaming TV or giving a presentation at the office, the need for a greater amount of reliable power is at an all-time high. The capital improvement projects will increase grid capacity and reliability, while reducing outage and restoration times for homes and businesses by modernizing and strengthening electrical infrastructure. These enhancements also will make the grid more resilient against severe weather.

The multi-year projects consist of constructing, modernizing and expanding new substations, trimming trees near powerlines, upgrading and replacing electrical equipment and poles, incorporating preventative inspections and maintenance and more in Detroit-area neighborhoods.

In communities where we’ve completed these enhancements, customers are experiencing about a 50% to 70% improvement in the reliability of their power.

At DTE, we’re dedicated to doing more to combat the impact of harsh weather and meet the ever-changing electrical needs of our customers. Our team will keep investing in the infrastructure and working to stay ahead of power preferences, so whether it’s for work or pleasure, your power meets your needs.

To learn more about reliability projects happening in your community, visit empoweringmichigan.com/reliability-improvements.

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