Founder Who Started ‘Black Women’s Expo’ Speaks On It

DETROIT — “It has become the place to be if you want to talk about the issues in our community in an entertaining and fun way and also a critical way,” said Merry Green, Founder of The Black Women’s Expo. The event was first rooted in Chicago’s social scene, connecting with the African American consumer and now the largest exposition for Black women in the country is coming to Detroit.

“We try to engage local nonprofit organizations, the celebrity influencers, and the brands that are here – we want to engage on what Detroit needs.”

The Black Women’s Expos is comprised of small and large activations which addresses the needs of Black women and their families. From panel discussions on food and nutrition, to finance and generational wealth, to health and wellness. It was desire to target a specific audience from her days in radio. The expo has now taken on a life of its own dating back to 1993 but, it has always been easy.

“I remember sitting on the floor the night before crying – the first expo in Chicago because it was so big for us then, we asked ‘ what did we just do?’, Green says. “I know the journey and now the big major top brands are after our show now, so the calls we get every week, so it’s really amazing and emotional because, we didn’t think it would be this.”

From entertainment to empowerment sessions, and a lot more, The Black Women’s Expo runs the weekend of June 18th and June 19th at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit.

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