Judge Mathis Speaks After Supreme Court Leak: “Go Vote Your Values”

“The majority of white women voted for President Trump in 2016 and he appointed justices that went against their values,” said Judge Greg Mathis. “I suggest that, that the pro-choice community should now go vote their values statewide in the midterms and in the presidential.

In an interview with Michigan Chronicle, the popular reality TV show host of Juge Mathis weighed in on the fallout related to this week’s unprecedented Supreme Court abortion leak.

News organization Politico obtained a draft of a majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito that would overturn Roe V Wade. The draft document states the Supreme Court would overturn a woman’s right to choose. According to Politico, the 98-page draft was obtained by a person familiar with the proceedings and was authenticated.

Judge Mathis believes after this revelation, pro-choice advocates should feel motivated to fight for what they believe in and pressed the message that their “fight is at the ballot box”.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. confirmed the authenticity of the draft opinion and said the texts are not final. If the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe V. Wade, it would send the issue of abortion rights or the lack thereof back to the power of each individual State.

“All the laws will soon be statewide laws should they overturn Roe V. Wade,” Judge Mathis stated. “If the Michigan governor, legislature, referendum, anything state based that allows a women control of her healthcare then there will be, if not – if we lose the elections, you won’t. It would remain in your state.”

There are 26 states currently ready to overturn Roe V Wade such as Mississippi, Florida, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, and more. Pro-Choice advocates fear the overturning of Roe V Wade could put more women and young girls at risk by banning abortions, particularly in the cases of rape and incest, and forcing women into “back-alley” abortions.

“The pro-choice community which is overwhelming led by and dominated by Caucasian women lead that vote and we(Black) help and we hope and continue to fight with them to be successful,” Judge Mathis argued.

During circulation, justices can write dissents and attempt to coerce other justices to their side with votes often changing. The opinion is not expected until the last day of the term which is in the next two months.

Danielle Sanders, National News Manager-Real Times Media, Contributed to this Report.







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