Get Happi Without a Hangover on 420

One of the benefits of cannabis is its medicinal effects on stress relief, anxiety, and over mood. However, for many people, the traditional way of smoking the cannabis flower may not be possible or appealing, leaving many without access to the benefits or ability to indulge in the celebration of 420.


CBD and TCH-infused drinks are one of the alternatives to smoking cannabis that also has a second benefit of bypassing the dreaded hangover of alcohol.


One of my favorites is based right in here in Michigan — Happi.


Happi, the THC-infused sparkling water made and manufactured in the great state of Michigan. The female-led company was started in an effort, by President Lisa Hurwitz, to cater to women looking for an accessible way to consume cannabis.


With all-natural ingredients, organic fruit, no artificial additives, and just 2.5mg of THC per can, Happi is redefining what cannabis products look and taste like. Meaning Happi Hour can be exactly what you make it with a sipping experience that allows you to control just how Happi you feel. No worries about greening out here. 


“We are excited to give Michiganders something to celebrate this spring with the launch of our delicious new flavor, Pomegranate Hibiscus.” Says Lisa Hurwitz, President of Happi. “Made with all-natural ingredients, organic fruit and just 2.5mg of THC per can, you’re in control of how Happi you feel with this better-for-you alcohol alternative, no hangover needed. There is truly a Happi for every occasion.”


For more info on Happi and where you can purchase visit

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