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(Photo: Miss AJ Williams, Spiritual Wellness Educator & Intuitive Astrologer)

Love and companionship have always been based on chemistry, but another science is at play when determining matters of the heart. Zodiac signs have been gaining popularity as millennials turn to the stars to determine compatibility.


Astrology is a science that dates back centuries. Using stars and planets, the study of astrology helps to observe and identify behaviors in humans. Personality traits, temperaments, and emotions, among other attributes, are all thought to be tied to a person’s zodiac sign. Yet, sun signs are just the beginning, but how does it all translate to one’s love life? First, a basic understanding of how zodiac signs correlate with the larger picture is necessary.


“You have your sign, you have your planets, you have your houses and it’s kind of like the train track on the earth and the train on the train track. That’s how it’s layered. What the sign does, is it’s the personality or the personality trait played through a planet. A planet is how it’s executed and the house in your birth chart is in what arena,” said Miss AJ Williams, spiritual wellness educator and intuitive astrologer.


For most people, their zodiac sign, or their sun sign, is what it’s commonly known as is based on the date of birth. However, two additional aspects, the ascendant (rising) and moon signs are also key elements.


“Those three; your ascendant, your sun and your moon is what they call the top three or your birth chart triad. Whenever I do an astrology class, those are the three things I focus on because it’s the most identifiable; it’s the most impactful,” said Williams.


Birth charts are an essential part of observing the full scope of a person’s makeup. Birth charts help paint a full picture mapping out how the planets and stars were aligned during each individual’s birth. These are just as unique as the person they represent. In love, birth charts help to uncover how each person shares and receives love. It can also show which two signs would crash on the love train.

Is it possible to find the perfect intimate match and love compatibility due to matching zodiac signs?


“Three things you want to look at in your birth chart when it comes to love are your Mars, your Venus and your moon. When you’re talking about intimate relationships, committed relationships and marriage, you really want to look at your moon. Your moon is how you express yourself emotionally and that is what relationships are about; where you feel emotionally safe,” said Williams. “Venus is how you perceive and receive love. Mars is your sexuality.”


A once fully-utilized tool, astrology has begun to be associated with magic or paranormal forces. Horoscopes, though not always accurate, are believed by some and rejected by many. Despite its bad rep, astrology does lend itself to some truths if uncovered within context.


“Most people don’t really buy into astrology because it’s been very commercialized in Western society where we live. Most people know about their sun, or horoscope and that’s it,” said Williams. “That’s why I tell people you really have to know your birth chart because your birth chart is a snapshot of everything; where the planets were at, how they were talking to each other, how the whole universe was at the moment of your birth.”


As millennials begin to tap back into ancient studies, comfort is building around what is known as pseudoscience. However, many believers would argue that birth charts, in conjunction with astrology, are just as scientific as any other practice. Helping to uncover the multi-level creation of a person can help lovers determine if a match is on the horizon.

“I think astrology is one-third. One-third of your personality is your core, it’s your instincts, it’s very instinctual and then you have one-third that’s your DNA and then you have one-third that’s your environment. How you respond to your DNA through your environment comes from astrology,” said Williams. “It doesn’t change anything, but knowledge of self is the key to life.”


Finding compatibility through sun signs is much more complex than comparing your love’s zodiac sign. To fully uncover if love is in your future, Williams suggests speaking with an intuitive astrologer. However, believing in one’s own decision-making abilities trumps all.


“You have to pay attention to your own intuition. When you’re guiding your every choice by an external thing, that’s never good because you need to be able to strengthen your own intuition,” said Williams. “You should look to astrology as a guidance, not as an absolute.”


To find out about your birth chart and compatibility with your BAE follow Miss AJ Williams on Instagram and TikTok @MissAJWilliams 

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