Wonderbrett Lit Up Detroit with Downtown Launch Party

California legacy Wonderbrett celebrated it’s Michigan launch last week with the city’s leading dispensary owners, employees, and budtenders. Professionals at every dispensary in the city attended the party that was held at 2000 Brooklyn, a brand new event and studio venue in Corktown opening later this spring.


Hosted by Co-Founders and renowned Breeders Brett Feldman and Cameron Damwijk who are known for their growing and breeding techniques, which were honed over the course of 20+ years.


The most popular fixture of the launch party was undoubtedly Wonderbrett’s budtender bar setup, which featured all of the company’s core strains. Guests walked up to the bar throughout the night to learn about their strains, flavor profiles and terpenes, and everyone was treated to cannabis tastings.


A curated menu of food was also prepared and passed to guests throughout the evening. However, it wasn’t just any menu. Instead, every item was designed to be smoked with a Wonderbrett strain. For example, the “Orange Banana” pre-rolls were served with Orange Lamb Chops, topped off with coriander yogurt and orange sauce. Also, a gluten-free Prosciutto de Parma and Cantaloupe dish was served with the brand’s “Melon OG” pre-roll.

To close out the evening both Feldman and Damwijk offered a toast to the crowd while Brett gave his signature live “drip” painting performance.


Wonderbrett is currently available at all Cloud Cannabis Co., stores across Michigan and will be landing in more stores soon. For more information www.wonderbrett.com

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