The Endemic is Near: Michigan Sees Drop in COVID, Pandemic Future Unknown

The COVID-19 trend is headed in the right direction according to health experts.

Michigan hospitals are seeing a positive direction with COVID patient cases after facing weekly high infection rates, according to FOX 2. At varying times Michigan once led the nation in COVID-19 cases.

Mask requirements nationwide are being removed across the board (with exceptions made to businesses that want to keep the policy). According to the news report, doctors are optimistic but unsure about what is going to happen next.

“Hopefully we are heading into an endemic,” said Dr. Matthew Sims, the director of infectious disease research at Beaumont Health, according to the article. “We’ve been in this exact spot before where all the numbers came down, and we get hit with another surge.”

Dr. Sims also credited the drop in infection to herd immunity.

“Between infection and vaccination, I think we’re getting pretty close to herd immunity. The closer you get to see herd immunity, the more it drops,” he said in the article, adding he is unsure of what is coming down the line with COVID.

“I don’t think it’ll last because we know that these antibodies wane and if we get another variant, that’s further away these antibodies may not protect us as much,” Dr. Sims said. “For now we have to keep our guard up because we don’t know what’s around the corner.”

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