Detroit Man Heads to Ukraine to Fight Against Russia

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A Detroit man is preparing for what seems like the fight of his life as he will help continue in the war efforts against Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, FOX 2 Detroit reported.

Dr. M. Dujon Johnson recently announced that he will be in the war, fighting for Ukraine and helping them in their battle against Russia, according to the report.

Today, on Wednesday, March 9, the 62-year-old plans to travel to Amsterdam and then to Poland. From that location, he is traveling to Ukraine to fight in the battle, to the dismay of his family, according to the report.

“All of Ukraine is a warzone, so to speak,” said Dr. Johnson in the article. “So, I’m going there to kind of help the Ukrainians defend their homeland” (Home one plus two). I get real-time information from Ukraine from my contacts there, and they’re really, really suffering.”

Recently at Church of the King in downtown Berkeley, church members prayed over Johnson so that he would live through the battle. Some Ukrainians in attendance also expressed their appreciation, according to the article.

“We’re praying for protection and God’s provision,” said Pastor Tal Sullivan said during the event. “We’re inviting God to come and use him as he wants.”

Dr. Johnson, who has a military background and served with the Army, also previously spent two years in Ukraine working at a university.

“My job from 2018-2020 was to train university professors and graduate students on bringing transparency and democracy to the classroom,” Dr. Johnson said in the article. “Who would’ve figured I would be putting that to practice. I don’t plan on coming back with a red, white, and blue or blue and yellow flag over a box. I’m coming right back here to Detroit and hopefully make Detroit better like we all do.”

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