Prop N Efforts Ramp Up in Detroit Neighborhoods Awaiting Blight Removal

Priest Price, Owner of P&P Group, in front of a property on Stahelin Ave, on Detroit’s West Side. Price’s company is one of the many examples of businesses working to clean out and secure the home in preparation for resale and eventual rehabilitation. 

Photo provided by City of Detroit


Caldwell is one of the Detroit streets that are now seeing demolitions and upcoming vacant home stabilizations thanks to Proposal N, approved about 15 months ago.

The City of Detroit’s bond-funded blight removal program, Proposal N, approved by voters is making a significant impact in neighborhoods that once felt left behind.

A key promise of the Proposal N ballot initiative was to finally address vacant and run-down homes in neighborhoods the city couldn’t previously reach, due to federal restrictions on where the Hardest Hit Funds could be spent.  With no geographic restrictions on the city’s bond funds, the Demolition Department has been concentrating its efforts on neighborhoods that have waited years for the city’s blight removal program to reach them.

Under Proposal N, 324 vacant properties have been demolished or stabilized in District 3, with an additional 419 planned demolitions and 320 planned stabilizations to come particularly in the morning on Tuesday, February 8 in the Caldwell neighborhood.

“When we asked Detroiters to support Proposal N, we promised that having this source of locally controlled funding would allow us to create more opportunity for Detroit companies and Detroit residents,” said Mayor Mike Duggan previously. “With more than $70 million committed so far, the results have been even beyond our expectations.”

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