Turning Lemons into Lemonade

By Ashley Jackson

How one woman turned her Pandemic struggles into a safe space for other women

Many things have emerged from the pandemic, some devastating and others enriching and transformative. Amanda Keys has experienced both. The Detroit native gave birth to her 2nd child right before the pandemic hit in 2020. What is usually a happy time for a family, COVID-19 has turned into a stressful and fearful time for millions. Shortly after her son’s birth, Amanda began the journey of creating a passion project that could impact women worldwide. 


By day Amanda is a Culture & DEI Consultant; By night, she is an entrepreneur and creative looking to empower women to crush their goals and check off things from their to-do list. The Hot Mom Tribe emerged from Amanda’s pandemic struggles and desire to support women going through the same thing. “I started the Hot Mom Tribe to create a community for mothers and women going through similar challenges in life. During the pandemic, I dealt with a lot of obstacles. Once the world started to open back up, and I had a chance to reconnect with other women who were in similar stages in life like me, I realized that we all needed support. Women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, and I wanted to make a safe space for us to connect, collaborate, and build community,” she shared. 


Like many parents during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda has struggled to balance and maintain order with home, work, and parenthood. “As if it wasn’t enough to adjust to being a mom of 2, I had to do it during lockdown! I was literally stuck in the house for months without the family support most women get when having a new baby,” she said. 


Amanda’s usually organized, and structured nature was tested, but ultimately it has been a saving grace. This experience inspired her to help other women deal with everyday life and entrepreneurship pressures. Right now, the Tribe offers a monthly membership that includes mastermind sessions, webinars, events, resources, and a local (also virtual) community that is so needed when countless are isolated and divided. 


So what has the pandemic taught Amanda about life and reaching her goals? “You only get one life to live. Make it count! This pandemic has shown me that I have to go after what I want. There are no do-overs. So many people lost their lives during the pandemic, and it honestly was scary for a while. I vowed to not live life with regrets and to go after whatever I wanted.”


The pandemic has not been all bad. Amanda is a new homeowner, still basking in the joy of creating a home for her two kids. Amanda’s “pandemic baby,” Preston, is thriving and bringing lots of joy and laughter to her family. Her eldest daughter, Paige, is doing well in school and dealing with the changes pretty well. When asked what her wildest dream for HOT Mom is, she explains: “My wildest dream when it comes to the Hot Mom Tribe is having a Hot Mom Tour! Events in every city. Girl boss speakers going out and motivating women to be the best version of themselves.” 


You can see more from the Hot Mom Tribe on their Instagram @hotmomtribe or website to learn more about membership: Hot Mom Tribe (mn.co)

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