Why More CEOs Are Scared of Job Loss Come 2022

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The new year is one for fresh starts, resolutions and for those in the C-suite world, angst?

According to The Detroit News, a new survey reveals that 72% of chief executive officers are very concerned about losing their jobs next year due to business disruptions, going along with the roughly 94% of bosses who want to redo over their corporate structure in the next three years. 

“That’s eye-poppingly high,” as quoted in the article by Simon Freakley, the CEO of management consulting firm AlixPartners, the survey source. “Disruptive forces like the supply chain and labor market are all playing out simultaneously.”

AlixPartners surveyed 3,000 CEOs and executives at the director level and above across 10 industries, half with revenues over $1 billion in North America, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Some common concerns include the supply chain, labor market and digitalization for executives.

“They realized that their business models, which have served them well for a number of years, are largely now not fit for the purpose” and they’re rushing to build local, regional and global supply chains, Freakley said in the article. “We went from what was a rolling sea of worry about economic cycles to a choppy sea of all these disruptive forces.” 

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