Duggan Says Undercounted Detroit 2020 Census Numbers Impacts City Funds

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan


Crucial federal funds coming to the City of Detroit have been impacted after research-based evidence revealed that Detroit census numbers were underreported last year. During a news conference on Thursday, December 16 at U-M Detroit Center, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and researchers spoke about the undercount of the Detroit population during the 2020 Census, which Duggan said was done intentionally.

“These data have implications for the city’s federal funding allocations,” as noted by U-M and Wayne State researchers, which discussed during the conference their audits of 10 Detroit census block groups and how that compares with the population for those block groups reported in the 2020 census

FOX 2 reported that Detroit’s population was more than likely undercounted by over 8% during the census, and Duggan said that he plans to bring his complaints to the commerce department, which might end in a lawsuit in federal court.According to the article, Duggan said that the census negatively impacted the city’s residents and part of the issue is behind allowing people to fill out the census form online.

“All we want as Detroiters is to be counted. They had one job, and they missed by a huge number,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen an effort in which I believe there was an intentional decision not to count Detroit properly.”

Brenda Jett was a Census Bureau counter last year, the article added, and she said that the counting process was unorganized and unprepared in the Detroit bureau.

“There just needs to be more education. The services that they rely on will not be there if they don’t get counted,” Jett said.

Duggan said that the incorrectly reported numbers are impacting funding in a major way across the city.

“Everything from healthcare funds to hot lunch funds — there’s a huge amount of funding that flows into the Detroit area based on the Census count,” Duggan said during the conference. “It affects a lot of services and a lot of different areas tens of millions.”

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