Yum Village Marketplace, Pantry Owner, Chief Villager on ‘Beat Bobby Flay’

Godwin Ihentuge, a Nigerian American chef and restaurateur of Afro-Caribbean Yum Village, 6500 Woodward Ave., will be premiering on television tonight with Iron Chef Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay.

His Nigerian cuisine will be on full display as the Detroit chef takes on the well-known chef on the top-rated show, Food Network.

Flay will face off in the kitchen arena featuring West African (Nigerian) cuisine – jollof rice, suya fried chicken, and a vegan Maafe dish.

Ihetuge will be featured tonight at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7 in Season 29, Episode 4 airing on Tuesday
High Prune.


Flay will be up against Indian chef Kingshuk Dey, who will also battle to bring Flay down, with a little heckling
help from Food Network’s Sunny Anderson and Alex Guarnaschelli.

Judges Aarthi Sampath, JJ Johnson, Georgette Farkas will also be on the Food Network, NYC show.

“Being invited to appear on the Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay was an amazing experience I’ve always dreamed about. To have the opportunity to meet and compete against an icon, Iron Chef, and restaurateur such as Bobby Flay was surreal. What I am proud most of was the opportunity to represent Detroit, to showcase the Yum Village brand, and to highlight the beautiful cuisine and culture that comes from the Caribbean and west Africa,” said Ihentuge in a press release.

For more information visit the Food Network channel here.

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