Cream Liqueur Brand Extends into Michigan  

Myriam Jean-Baptiste and Stevens Charles. 

Photo courtesy of Cream Liqueur Brands


Myriam Jean-Baptiste and Stevens Charles have taken their Haitian roots and created a liqueur line infused with heritage. Noted as the first national Black-owned cream liqueur, LS is now expanding its reach in several additional states, including Michigan.  


LS Cream Liqueur models its flavors after a traditional Haitian drink known as cremas. The liqueur drink is created with fresh cream and neutral grain spirits combined with coconut, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. An authentic family recipe, the drink is designed for the luxury-seeking modern drinker.  


“LS was first inspired by my grandmother’s cremas recipe that we’ve enjoyed at our family celebrations for decades,” said co-founder Stevens Charles. “We managed to capture the taste of cremas and put it in the form of a traditional cream liqueur to make it more versatile for cocktails and easy sipping since the homemade version is usually a thicker recipe. We’re excited to share those traditional flavors paired with a refreshed look with drinkers around the country who are looking for a new luxury spirit with which to raise a glass.” 


Introducing the masses to a taste of Haiti, LS Cream Liqueur’s expansion into Michigan is purposeful.  


“We are happy to announce that we just signed a partnership with RNDC, one of the major distributors in the Wine and Spirits Industry. It was very important for us to have Michigan as one of our first markets to expand in with RNDC. Michigan as a state loves cream liqueurs so it only made sense that we bring LS Cream here,” said Myriam Jean-Baptiste, the brand’s co-founder. “We have been getting hundreds of emails from customers that wanted to see us bring LS Cream in Michigan and now we can officially say that we answered their request.” 


Along with Michigan, LS will land in Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Also releasing a new brand identity, LS found momentum during the pandemic leading to its brand expansion. The brand’s strong Haitian heritage and origin story as well as its taste attracted entrepreneur Kenny Burns who also invested in the brand.  


Cream liqueurs are especially popular during the holidays adding a smooth rich texture to often hard liquors. Now, the owners hope cream liqueurs will be appreciated year-round.  


“We want to stay true to our Haitian heritage and the tradition of cremas as a celebratory spirit, while creating moments to drink LS year-round — adding a luxury touch to an espresso, mixing the liqueur into craft cocktails and enjoying it in the traditional sense with friends and family,” said Jean-Baptiste. “We are bringing LS Cream Liqueur to everyday moments.” 


To reach Michiganders, the brand plans to immerse itself into communities across the state and share its story with those unfamiliar with it.  


“That’s exactly it! On top of our national marketing strategy which includes a mix of press and social media advertising, we are going to partner with local activities around the state, sponsor events and make sure to give back all while promoting our brand,” said Jean-Baptiste. “Rich in history, the story behind the brand, the Haitian heritage, and the fact that LS Cream is the first cream liqueur that is Black-owned are all key points we are looking forward to sharing with people across the state. All of this will be possible to do with the help of our local ambassadors that will guide us on what’s going on in their community.” 


LS Cream Liqueur is available in several Detroit locations including DUO Restaurant and Lounge, Good Vibes Lounge, The Block Restaurant and more.  

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