Community Housing Network Provides Direct Resources to Households in Need

Community Housing Network (CHN), Southeast Michigan’s largest housing resource nonprofit organization, was recently awarded a $100,000 grant from United Way of Southeastern Michigan (UWSEM) to help its mission of assisting thousands of Michigan residents find housing and stay housed.
As housing instability and homelessness continue to become a greater concern, CHN offers a lifeline of support through housing counseling, access to financial support, and the development of affordable housing across Michigan.
A CHN Community Program Specialist and direct aide resources to households in need are made possible with grant funding from United Way for Southeastern Michigan. These resources will include security deposits, rental assistances, application fee assistance and utility support for more than 100 households. These essential resources make it possible for those facing homelessness, or who are currently without housing, to access safe, affordable housing.
“Since we opened our doors in 2001, Community Housing Network has been an invaluable resource for people in need of housing,” said CHN President and CEO, Marc Craig. “We’re grateful and humbled to have been able to help so many and we’re looking forward to even more wonderful things in the future.”
In addition to the resources offered through CHN on a consistent basis, the organization was able to pivot and continued to meet the changing needs of its clients and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. From the Eviction Diversion program — which allowed us to keep more than 2,400 individuals in their homes – to expanding staff to meet the incredible need for housing support that this pandemic has caused.
Currently, CHN and three other partner agencies currently manage $53 million in COVID Emergency Rental Assistance funding, which helps those facing eviction or who are having trouble paying other housing-related expenses.
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