Events Host Detroit Creative Community

DETROIT — A series of events in Detroit are being held to cultivate a community for artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Social N the City, a creative media agency, hosted Soul Night at Willis Show Bar in Midtown Detroit, Thursday. The event featured live performances by artists Supercoolwicked and Izzy Faye with sounds by Deon Jamar. “I know the importance of having space for Black creatives,” said Amber Lewis, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Social N the City. “I want to bring them into spaces they may not have performed in. Space is a part of equity. Cultivating space for artists is uplifting and creating more culture for the city because Detroit is nothing without creatives.”

Thursday’s Soul Night  event pushed for an experience for one’s ability to feel, grab a good cock tail, hear good music, and be amongst creatives in Detroit.

One the featured artists, Izzy Faye, is from Detroit and is taking his music career to California. He’s a rapper but also likes to create R&B music and loves the energy of the energy of visiting home to showcase his artistry.
“She (Amber Lewis) really is the G.O.A.T., she’s not hogging all the opportunities for herself, she’s spreading it out and trying to help people be seen for things that they can do.”

I came out to just vibe out the event tonight. “Creatives don’t always these opportunities and for for Social N the City to utilize its resources to help artists have a platform, it’s brilliant!”

Friday, Lewis is partnering with WeWork to curate a Community Coaching and CoWorking Day. Attendees will be able to enjoy complimentary access to the company’s office spaces and learn social and influencer strategy. Participants will also receive free headshots.


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