“I want to say wrong time, wrong place,” he said in the article.

Cameron was inspired to start cutting hair during the summer when he wanted to cut his younger cousins’ hair, not have to pay for his own haircuts and earn some dough by doing his own friends’ hair according to the article.

He eventually contacted his Uncle Tuck to teach him about the trade.

“‘I’m going to show you one time. I’m not going to show you again,’” Cameron said of his uncle in the artice. “And I was like, ‘Alright.’”

Cameron learned and has been on the move until last Thursday when he was suspended for barbering in a school (during study hall), which was a learned lesson and launching pad.

“In the middle of doing that, the teacher walked in, stared at us for about 45 seconds, and walked out,” he said in the article.

Cameron’s mom shortly received a phone call after that.

“While we were walking to the office and everything, all the administrators were like, ‘I respect the hustle and things like that,'” Cameron said in the article.

FOX 2 later put Camer in contact with Sebastion Jackson, owner of The Social Club Grooming Co. Like Cameron, who, too, discovered to cut hair as a teenager. Now, Jackson is one of the city’s key barbers with a client list that includes Jalen Rose, Big Sean, R&B artist Dwele and former Lions running backs Joique Bell and Reggie Bush, according to the article.

“I’ll tell you man, just based on the hustle, if you’re interested in apprenticing with one of our cosmetologists or myself, that’s definitely an opportunity,” Jackson, who offered, Cameron pointers on barbering, said in the story.

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