Single Mothers : Getting Back into the Dating Game

Fellas, this one’s for you.

Single Black mothers are leading more households than any other racial demographic. However, they also lead numbers with the highest rate of those unmarried. Getting back into the swing of dating can be hard as a single mother, but it is essential in fulfilling certain needs as a woman. If you are a single mom looking for romance, dating options can be slim, but finding love is not impossible. Men who are dating a mother must be patient to earn the prize at the end of the dating race.


To ensure you are emotionally and mentally ready to enter into a new relationship, feelings for previous lovers must be eradicated. Next, getting back into the dating scene will not be easy, but it can be worth it to find a partner who will commit for the long haul.


  1. If there was any trauma from the previous relationship, seeking a therapist can help work out thoughts and feelings having to do with an old flame. Ensuring mental and emotional health will provide a strong foundation to handle the throes of dating.


  1. Take things slow: there is no need to jump head-first into a new relationship. Taking time to get to know a potential dating prospect canhelp youshare feelings down the line. Get to know your companion and what things they are looking for. In dating, some are not looking to achieve lasting love. Being able to discern who wants a relationship and who wants a good time will save time on intentions and allow you to decide how far you are willing to take it.


  1. Takechildreninto account: if there are children involved, it is best to hold off on arranging a meeting with them until there has been a clear understanding of the direction of the relationship. Children can become attached and it can be jarring for kids in the wake of a failed relationship. Be sure to take into account the feelings of your child before welcoming a new mate into the fold.


  1. Time ismoney: most single mothers work full-time jobs in addition to taking care of their child so time will be limited. When dating a single mother, they may not be available for spontaneous dates or weekend getaways. Their time will have to be planned to account for children, work and personal space. Be mindful to avoid canceled plans and potential disappointment.


  1. Man ofyourword: with any relationship, keeping your word is key in building trust. Without trust, relationships will fall to peril.  Being able to be honest and upstanding will not only earn trust, but also serves as the foundation of respect.


  1. Babydaddy drama: while the relationship is over, the child still exists. Issues between parents will arise and dating a woman with kids requires having a relationship with the child’s father to form a basic level of respect. If your intentions are to date long term, understand there may be some conflict along the road. Alternatively, a single mother may not have the help of thefather, which ensues a new level of responsibility. In this case, men may be seen as a potential father figure. Men who are not ready for this level of commitment may want to think twice before engaging.


  1. Let’s talk about sex, baby: this is a serious level forany relationship. Upping the ante by means of physical contact is sure to put a relationship on the fast track. If the goal is to take itslowly in an effort to allow time for the relationship to naturally develop, choosing to wait before engaging in sex may be the right path. While everyone is human with needs and desires, sex can complicate a budding romance.


Taking each into account, proceed with caution when dating a single mother. Her time is limited, but her heart is ready to explore other possibilities of love.

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