Relationship Green Flags

Social media is a major part of culture. Bridging means of communication around the world, social media is continually evolving and so are its memes. Tied to a comical picture or quote, memes have grown in popularity and are often used to convey thoughts.

Recently, social media reintroduced the concept of red flags. Outlining various red flags spanning topics like relationships, business and other subjects, red flags have been blowing all over timelines, triggering the question, what are some green flags in dating and relationships?

Finding the one is hard enough, but how can you be sure it is meant to be? Nothing can be guaranteed, but the warm and fuzzy feeling inside when you are around your flame cannot be denied. Before prematurely blowing the candle out on love, explore the relationship for signs of green flags.

1. You love being around them: When they are away, you anticipate their return. When they are near, you cannot get close enough. You just want to be near them. Call it science or attraction, the chemistry is undeniable. If you find yourself missing your boo when they are not with you, then you may already be on the fast track to love.

2. 21 Questions: So, what’s your favorite color? Naturally being around a person so much will generate a level of curiosity that can also be quenched by digging for knowledge. Asking questions to learn more about a mate helps create bonding moments in sharing past triumphs and pitfalls. Questions also provide the chance to find out what makes your boo tick.

3. Plans Include the Future: If your mate is including you in their plans for future trips and celebrations, pack your bags and be ready for adventure. This means your partner foresees no reason to separate and they anticipate the relationship succeeding through these events.

4. Smooth Sailing: The really of everything being too good to be true is a fallacy that creates room for self-sabotage. Sometimes, it is simply easy. Relationships are not built to be a match between opponents but rather an arrangement between partners. Though relationships require work, having a teammate is much better than an adversary.

5. Authenticity: There is no need to put on airs when you are around the person your heart sings for. There is nothing too embarrassing, no topic too taboo or anything off the table. This person accepts your flaws and it is the same for you. For relationships to work, it is essential to feel safe to show up as your true self. This helps build trust between two parties.

6. They Come First: Sacrifices, big and small, are inevitable in dating. One telltale green flag is prioritizing their needs ahead of your own. Expressing care or concern for your love is a level of intimacy. Reciprocating the feeling, however, will create a safe space for each party to feel their needs are being met.

7. Night watcher: Do you watch your love while they are asleep? Have you ever caught your mate taking it all in while you catch some Z’s? This is a common practice for some in relationships and shows admiration for your significant other.

8. Jumping Out of The Comfort Zone: New foods, places and experiences are not typically in your mate’s wheelhouse, but they are willing to compromise and step out of their comfort zone for you. Flag on the play! Some dating singles can build a guard, but relaxing and enjoying things that make each other happy can also create new memories.

9. Support: Like a good bra, support is needed to hold loved ones up. With bae, their support overflows through good and bad times. They encourage you and uplift you and that is a major key.

10. The “L” Word: While this may seem like an obvious green flag, the “L” word can be intimidating to hear for the first time. Nevertheless, it establishes how your mate feels and their transparency.

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