A Bucket List for Singles

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You are fresh out of a relationship and it is time for a bucket list! No, it is not a plan for an ending, but a means to a new beginning. Mending the heartbreak will take time, but it does not have to involve junk food, love stories or cutting up old memories. Time spent healing will present the opportunity to enjoy time alone and creating a bucket list before the start of a new relationship will allow time for self-discovery and clarity.


When adding activities to the bucket list, choosing tasks that challenge are important, but the goal is to discover the new you post-breakup. New experiences also inspire new meetings. Your new bae could be on the other side of fear.


Get Used To It: Solo activities are not for the faint of heart. It takes an assured person to venture off into the world alone. Start by daring yourself! Enjoy a night out on the town complete with dinner, a movie and a nightcap at your favorite bar. Odds are it has been awhile since you have been able to enjoy things unique to you. Diving back into your favorite hangouts can help re-establish security and stability. Tapping back into activities usually deemed date worthy reclaims your time and shows the world there is comfort in solitude.


Catch Flights, Not Feelings: If you have a passport, now may be the perfect time to add more stamps. Traveling abroad has some limitations since the pandemic, but there are plenty of foreign lands that are ripe for the picking. If the tropics cannot lift your spirits, a staycation at a five-star hotel creates the same feel in a more familiar location. Relax and take your mind off your relationship woes to enjoy small activities in a new place. If visiting an old location, be sure to choose a place that holds no significance to your dreaded ex.


Goal Crusher: Everyone has a long or short term goal that has been delayed due to time, finances or other causes. Now is the time to choose one and execute. Learn to knit, begin couponing or start a new business, big or small, a new task is just the thing needed to stay busy. While occupying your time, the new venture will provide something to dote over. The new object of your affection is sure to provide a healthy distraction and accomplishment in completion.



Get Your Feet Wet: No, this is not about swimming, but you do have to jump back into the dating pool. Slowly and gradually, make yourself available again. To test the waters, start by downloading a dating app. This is a quick and simple way to meet new people and mix up your dating options. A little harmless flirting is a sure-fire ego booster and can help you get back on the saddle.


Make The List, Check It Twice: That old list is riddled with qualities of your ex and it is time to get ready for the next. Scrap that old mate makeup and create a new list of desirable qualities for your next beau and do not skimp on the details. Be detailed in your wants and desires, but also add a special list of undesirable qualities to remind yourself to not repeat history.


That’s What Friends Are For: Your friend group will be essential to getting over a heartbreak. Leaning on these trusted companions during moments of tears and happiness are what these relationships are made of. Those who know you best can also suggest new dating candidates. Allow them to set you up on a blind date. If it ends in disaster, you will always have a funny story to share during girl’s night.



Whether you are fresh into singlehood or have been at it for some time, being single is not the end of the world. Re-establishing relationship and personal goals



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