Mayor Mike Duggan Mounts Victory in General Election 

Mayor Mike Duggan mounted a triumph win in Tuesday night’s general election. The incumbent won by a landslide with 69,328 votes to opponent Anthony Adams who garnered 22,373 votes.


Detroit’s general election race has been interestingly lowkey this year. The race for the city’s next mayor came down to Duggan and Adams.


Duggan’s victory is not shocking to some across the city, including prominent backers who see the incumbent official as deserving of a third term.


Since January, the mayor raised more than $1.1 million for his reelection campaign compared with Anthony Adams, the second-highest candidate at $160,575, according to submitted campaign finance records before the August primary election.


Weeks ahead of the November election, Duggan’s team reported $361,880 in campaign donations. Adams failed to file his campaign finance report by the October 22nd deadline.


The Michigan Chronicle Editorial Board endorsed Duggan for a third term.


Duggan’s journey as mayor began when he took office in January of 2014. The city was gripped under a cloud of municipal bankruptcy and state emergency management. Duggan’s plan included installing 60,000 LED streetlights, trash collection, public transportation, improving response time for the police and fire departments, and demolishing abandoned structures or renovating them feasible.


Mayor Duggan has spent eight years trying to keep the city’s budget balanced, render essential city services, and persuade businesses to set up shop and bring jobs for Detroiters.


Some critics have questioned the mayor’s approach and policy — noting that Black residents are left out of economic development. However, Duggan’s administration has argued that it understands the gravity of providing good-paying jobs and touts it has done so by Duggan’s appointment and leadership of Nicole-Sherard-Freeman, an African American woman who serves as Group Executive of Jobs, Economy, and Detroit at Work.


“The incredible success of Detroit at Work under Nicole’s leadership has become our most effective selling point from an economic standpoint,” Duggan said in a written statement. “Major corporations are looking at Detroit now as a great place to locate based on the strength of our workforce and our ability to produce a list of job candidates.”


Duggan has previously stated he would like to be judged on decreasing the city’s population loss. His first term he says was focused on restoring basic city services, a second term on bringing back jobs, and a third term on investment reaching all Detroiters.


The next full mayoral term will kick off at the beginning of the new year, January 1, 2022. The conclusion of Duggan’s third term would mark 12 years he has served as Mayor of Detroit.







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