Detroiters Vote Yes Proposal R and E on Tuesday’s Ballot 

With 100 percent of the districts in Detroit reporting — Detroit residents voted a resounding “yes” on Proposals R and E during the November general election with 72,462 voters saying yes on Prop R and 53,709 voting yes on Prop E. Nearly 18,000 voters voted no on Prop R; just over 34,000 voters votes no on Prop E.

Registered Detroit voters made critical decisions that impacted the future of their city, and surrounding area, for years to come. 

The Michigan Chronicle fully endorsed “yes” votes on both Prop R and E with the primary reasons being to better economic opportunities for Black residents from reparations to the decriminalization of entheogenic plants. 

On July 21, Detroit City Council unanimously passed to have a ballot question proposed to citizens in the November general election. Per Ballotpedia, the ballot question appeared as: 

“Should the Detroit City Council establish a Reparations Task Force to make recommendations for housing and economic development programs that address historical discrimination against the Black community in Detroit?” 

A “yes” vote supports creating a city reparations committee tasked with making recommendations for housing and economic development programs for Black Detroit residents, according to 

The Michigan Chronicle also supports the “yes” vote of Proposal E, which would legalize the therapeutic use of entheogenic drugs, according to Ballotpedia. 

A “yes” vote supports the measure by ballot initiative to decriminalize the possession and therapeutic use of entheogenic plants, including psilocybin mushrooms, peyote and iboga, and declare that police shall treat the possession and use of entheogenic plants by adults among the lowest law enforcement priorities. 

The Michigan Chronicle supported a “yes” vote for Prop E with one primary reason being that decriminalizing the use of magic mushrooms, especially for medicinal purposes, is what the Black community needs. 

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