Why it’s OK to be Selfish 

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“The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you’ll tolerate.” 


That unknown quote says a lot about self-love and loving oneself unabashedly. 

When it comes to self-love it’s okay to be a bit greedy andlet’s take a breath here, love yourself just as you are. 

Self Care Fundamentals posted an article, Loving Yourself: Learn to Love Yourself and Find Happiness, this month stating that self-love iimportant for your happiness. 


Loving yourself is not something that is always easy to think about. Things like appearance, flaws, self-consciousness, and other aspects can get in the way but it can be done. 


Do you love yourself? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you enjoy your own company?” These are questions that many people don’t necessarily mull over but they need to be answered daily if needed. 


A lot of us may try to tell ourselves that, sure, we love ourselves. Who wants something terrible to happen to themselves? So don’t we all love ourselves as long as we aren’t actively trying to self-destruct?” the article asks. 


Using your voice and learning how to develop more self-love is vital because if you deceive yourself about how much you love who you are, if you don’t explore that then there is a world left of unfulfillment up ahead. 


The article recommends people to ask themselves the following questions, and consider the following: 

  • Do I Spend Time Doing the Things That Make Me Happy? 
  • Am I Grateful for Myself? 
  • Is Your Self-Love Unconditional Love? 
  • Are You Taking Care of Yourself? 


Do you love yourself enough to take care of yourself? Taking care of yourself means more than just making sure that you stay alive,” according to the articleAre you trying to create a future for yourself that is happy? Do you respect and love yourself enough to do that? Are you trying to stay positive so that you don’t sink into a depression rather than creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure because you don’t give yourself a chance? 


The answer to all of those questions is the same: “You matter, and you should be the first one taking care of yourself. There are many ways to love yourself, but self-care is one of the most proactive ways,” the article noted. 

Some positive affirmations to begin with: 

  • am beautiful 

  • I am strong 

  • I am brave 

  • I am smart 

  • I have worth 

  • I am loved 

  • I have good ideas 

  • I am needed 

  • I have power 

  • I love me


Mental Health Matters 


One’s mental health is also just as important as their physical health because self-love and self-care help remove, for the most part, negative thoughts about ourselves that can lead to things like anxiety and depression.  

Relationships with others are also very important because if people desire to have positive influences in life a good friend is a treasure that gives people joy. 


But your best and closest friend should be yourself. Embrace yourself as your closest confidante and most trusted friend, and it will do wonders for your mental health,” according to the article. 


Also, the words you say to yourself are important, too because when you learn to love yourself, you will notice that everything changes for the better, according to the article 


Your outlook changes, your attitude changes, and the way you treat others changes. True happiness comes from within. One great way to avoid self-hate and get on the path to genuinely caring for yourself is through the words you say to yourself, both aloud and internally,” which adds don’t forget to set boundaries that are healthy and allow you to thrive and be empowered to say no. “When someone in our lives stops being a positive force for our well-being, we need to correct the situation. 


For more information go to https://selfcarefundamentals.com/. 


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